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COMPTIA SY0-401 QUESTIONS ANSWERS QUESTION 1 A company hosts a web server that requires entropy in encryption initialization and authentication. To meet this goal the company would like to select a block cipher mode of operation that allows an arbitrary length IV and supports authenticated encryption. Which of the following would meet these objectives A. CFB B. GCM C. ECB D. CBC Correct Answer: B

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COMPTIA SY0-401 QUESTIONS ANSWERS QUESTION 2 A chief information security officer CISO is providing a presentation to a group of network engineers. In the presentation the CISO presents information regarding exploit kits. Which of the following might the CISO present A. Exploit kits are tools capable of taking advantage of multiple CVEs B. Exploit kits are vulnerability scanners used by penetration testers C. Exploit kits are WIFI scanning tools that can find new honeypots D. Exploit kits are a new type of malware that allow attackers to control their computers Correct Answer: A

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COMPTIA SY0-401 QUESTIONS ANSWERS QUESTION 3 During a company-wide initiative to harden network security it is discovered that end users who have laptops cannot be removed from the local administrator group. Which of the following could be used to help mitigate the risk of these machines becoming compromised A. Security log auditing B. Firewalls C. HIPS D. IDS Correct Answer: B

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COMPTIA SY0-401 QUESTIONS ANSWERS QUESTION 4 An administrator receives a security alert that appears to be from one of the companys vendors. The email contains information and instructions for patching a serious flaw that has not been publicly announced. Which of the following can an employee use to validate the authenticity if the email A. Hashing algorithm B. Ephemeral Key C. SSL certificate chain D. Private key E. Digital signature Correct Answer: E

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COMPTIA SY0-401 QUESTIONS ANSWERS QUESTION 5 A project team is developing requirements of the new version of a web application used by internal and external users. The application already features username and password requirements for login but the organization is required to implement multifactor authentication to meet regulatory requirements. Which of the following would be added requirements will satisfy the regulatory requirement Select THREE. A. Digital certificate B. Personalized URL C. Identity verification questions D. Keystroke dynamics E. Tokenized mobile device F. Time-of-day restrictions G. Increased password complexity H. Rule-based access control Correct Answer: ADE

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COMPTIA SY0-401 QUESTIONS ANSWERS QUESTION 6 A bank is planning to implement a third factor to protect customer ATM transactions. Which of the following could the bank implement A. SMS B. Fingerprint C. Chip and Pin D. OTP Correct Answer: B

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COMPTIA SY0-401 QUESTIONS ANSWERS QUESTION 7 Which of the following internal security controls is aimed at preventing two system administrators from completing the same tasks A. Least privilege B. Separation of Duties C. Mandatory Vacation D. Security Policy Correct Answer: B

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COMPTIA SY0-401 QUESTIONS ANSWERS QUESTION 8 An administrator performs a risk calculation to determine if additional availability controls need to be in place. The administrator estimates that a server fails and needs to be replaced once every 2 years at a cost of 8000. Which of the following represents the factors that the administrator would use to facilitate this calculation A. ARO 0.5 SLE 4000 ALE 2000 B. ARO0.5 SLE8000 ALE4000 C. ARO0.5 SLE 4000 ALE8000 D. ARO2 SLE 4000 ALE8000 E. ARO2 SLE 8000 ALE 16000 Correct Answer: B

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COMPTIA SY0-401 QUESTIONS ANSWERS QUESTION 9 A security administrator needs to implement a technology that creates a secure key exchange. Neither party involved in the key exchange will have pre-existing knowledge of one another. Which of the following technologies would allow for this A. Blowfish B. NTLM C. Diffie-Hellman D. CHAP Correct Answer: C

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COMPTIA SY0-401 QUESTIONS ANSWERS QUESTION 10 A technician has been assigned a service request to investigate a potential vulnerability in the organizations extranet platform. Once the technician performs initial investigative measures it is determined that the potential vulnerability was a false-alarm. Which of the following actions should the technician take in regards to the findings A. Write up the findings and disable the vulnerability rule in future vulnerability scans B. Refer the issue to the server administrator for resolution C. Mark the finding as a false-negative and close the service request D. Document the results and report the findings according to the incident response plan Correct Answer: D

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