How To Fix Lexmark Paper Jam Issue?


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In this presentation we are explore about the reason of lexmark printer paper jam and their troubleshooting tips. In case you need any experts who can resolve your problems then contact to lexmark support number for solution.


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How to Fix Lexmark Printer Issues? Welcome To

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Lexmark Printer devices are the types which have helped every other individual in the global market. The Lexmark Printer devices are widely used in offices and for personal use. They offer a large selection of products and solutions that can be custom-configured to match the requirements of the users. But at times, a user faces errors in their Lexmark Printers, issues like Lexmark Printer paper jam. This issue is widespread and arrives at several points. Below are mentioned some steps where the user can solve the paper jam issues.

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Reasons How Lexmark Paper Jam Issues Occur

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Paper jams issue is one of the most common problems faced by everyone who owns a printer. Clearing a paper jam is indeed a task but can be solved quickly. These are the main reasons why the paper jam issue occurs: Paper Overload If the user loads a crumpled sheet or tries to load a landscape oriented sheet on a portrait-oriented tray, a paper jam issue might occur.   Damaged Paper Paper overload is another typical reason for a paper jam. This occurs typically in an office setup where bulk amounts of documents are regularly printed.   Using the Wrong Tray If the user tries to insert or load a stack of paper in the output tray, it is proceeding to a cause paper jam.   Dirty Printer A dirty printer is also a cause for a paper jam. Open the printer and clean it periodically.

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Troubleshooting Lexmark Paper Jam Issues

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These steps can solve Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting which includes the fixing of paper jam issues: Step1: First, the user should be certain that the printer has been turned off. If the printer is on sending and receiving fax command then ensure that the machine has completed the task, after that disconnect the power cord.   Step2: Discharge the paper on the front tray if any and do not touch the transparent film as it can be destroyed. Also, the jammed paper should not be there on the cartridge holder. Move the fine cartridge filter to remove the paper. Step3: The user should hold the jammed paper and pull it out slowly without tearing it. Ensure that it has been removed without leaving any torn piece. Fix the paper jam by removing carefully from inside the machine to ensure safety.

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Step5: When reloading the paper, the user should make sure to use the paper suited for printing and load it accurately. If the jammed paper error is displayed again, there are chances that it might contain a paper that has remained inside the machine. To dodge this, make sure no paper stays in the device . If the user is incapable of removing the paper inside the machine, or if the paper jam failure continues even after removing the paper, the user should support for lexmark printer numb e r for assistance and help

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