6 Ways to Motivate Employee Performance


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Get a FREE performance management kit and access to all of Victor's full videos at: www.lifecycle-performance-pros.com This presentation discusses gaining employee acceptance and getting employees in a high performance mindset. It discusses methods for achieving employee acceptance and the value of each method. And it provides you with a checklist to make sure all the necessary processes are covered for gaining employee acceptance


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Gaining Employee Acceptance and Getting Them into a High Performance Mindset : 

Gaining Employee Acceptance and Getting Them into a High Performance Mindset

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Methods for Gaining Employee Acceptance on New Initiatives Involving employees at all levels Making sure employees understand objectives Striving for improvement instead of judging past performance Getting visible support from executives and senior management Challenging employees to act immediately Enabling them to monitor results

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Involve Employees at All Levels Allow all employees to participate in the development of the performance program Establish growth opportunities for employees Teach them how to identify KPI (key performance indicators) and to produce results Do not use initiative for the purpose of ranking, rating, or singling out people or support groups

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Make Sure Employees Understand Objectives Communicate corporate, team and individual performance objective Explain how their individual roles contribute to team and organizational goals and objectives

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Strive For Improvement vs Judging Past Performance Encourage improvement Do not judge past performance Establish baseline and base success on continuous improvement

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Get Support From Executives and Senior Management Performance initiative must look like a priority of senior management Use emails, newsletters, town hall meetings and morality speeches to communicate management support Employees must believe that the performance initiative is important

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Challenge Employees Identify an area for improvement Develop a better process Get employees to commit to improvement in that area Get them to act immediately

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Enable Them to Monitor Results Provide tools to self monitor performance Develop performance monitoring plan Give employees access to performance data and reports

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Employee Acceptance Checklist

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