Multiple Intelligence as Dispositions

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By: Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligences as Dispositions

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Multiple Intelligences Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence Existential Intelligence Logical-Mathematical Intelligence Spatial Intelligence Bodily-Kinaesthetic Intelligence Naturalist Intelligence Intrapersonal Intelligence Interpersonal Intelligence Musical Intelligence

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence:

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence Sensitivity to : sounds, meanings, structures, and styles of language. Inclination to: speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Ability to: Speak effectively or write effectively. Good match Careers would be: teacher, religious leader, politician, poet, journalist, novelist, copywriter, editor.

  Logical-Mathematical Intelligence :

  Logical-Mathematical Intelligence Sensitivity to: Patterns, numbers and numerical data, causes and effects, objective and quantitative reasoning Inclination to: Finding patterns, making calculations, forming and testing hypotheses, using the scientific method, deductive and inductive reasoning Ability to: Work effectively with numbers and reason effectively. Good match careers would be: Accountant, statistician, economist, engineer, scientist, computer programmer.

Spatial Intelligence:

Spatial Intelligence Sensitivity to: colours, shapes, visual puzzles, symmetry, lines, images Inclination to: Representing ideas visually, creating mental images, noticing visual details, drawing and sketching Ability to: Create visually and visualize accurately Good match careers would be: Artist, photographer, engineer, decorator, tour guide, scout, ranger.

Bodily-Kinaesthetic Intelligence:

Bodily-Kinaesthetic Intelligence Sensitivity to: Touch, movement, physical self, athleticism Inclination to: Activities requiring strength, speed, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Ability to: Use the hands to fix or create and use the body expressively . Good match careers would be: Mechanic, surgeon, carpenter, sculptor, mason, dancer, athlete, actor.

Musical Intelligence:

Musical Intelligence Sensitivity to: Tone, beat, tempo, melody pitch, sound Inclination to: Listening, singing, playing an instrument Ability to: Create music and analyze the music. Good match careers would be: Song writer, composer, musician, conductor and music critic.

Interpersonal Intelligence :

Interpersonal Intelligence Sensitivity to:  Body language, moods, voice, feelings Inclination to: Noticing and responding to other people’s feelings and personalities Ability to: Work with people and help people identify and overcome problems. Good match Careers would be: Administrators, managers, consultants, teachers, therapists, psychologists

Intrapersonal Intelligence:

Intrapersonal Intelligence Sensitivity to: One’s own strengths, weaknesses, goals, and desires Inclination to: Setting goals, assessing personal abilities and liabilities, monitoring one’s own thinking. Ability to: Meditate, reflect, exhibit self-discipline, maintain composure, and get the most out of oneself. Good match Careers would be: Artist, counsellor, philosopher, theorist, inventor, psychologist.

Naturalist Intelligence:

Naturalist Intelligence Sensitivity to:   Natural objects, plants, animals, naturally occurring patterns, ecological issues. Inclination to: Identifying and classifying living things and natural objects Ability to: Analyze ecological and natural situations and data learn from living things and work in natural settings. Good match careers would be: Ecologist, rangers, zoologist, botanist, veterinarian and hunter scout.

Existential Intelligence  :

Existential Intelligence   Sensitivity  to: “big picture” of existence; why are we here Inclination to: tackle deep questions about human existence, such as the meaning of life why do we die, and how did we get here. Ability to: Reflect on the meaning of human existence Good match careers would be: Philosophers, theologians



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