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Creative problem solving checklist


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Checklist For Problem Solving : 

Checklist For Problem Solving

Inaccuracy in Reading : 

Inaccuracy in Reading Reading material without concentrating strongly on the meaning. Didn’t constantly ask, “Do I understand that completely?” Reading material too rapidly; at the expense of comprehension. Misreading one or more words; not careful enough. Missing one or more facts or ideas; not careful enough. Not spending enough time rereading a difficult section to clarify it meaning.

Inaccuracy in Thinking : 

Inaccuracy in Thinking Not placing a constant high premium on accuracy. Performing operations with out sufficient care or observation. Interpreting words or performing operations inconsistently. Not checking the correctness of an answer or conclusion. Not checking the appropriateness of a formula or procedure before utilizing it. Working too rapidly. Visualizing a description or relationship inaccurately. Drawing a conclusion from the middle of a problem rather than reading it through and giving it sufficient thought.

Weakness in Problem Analysis: Inactiveness : 

Weakness in Problem Analysis: Inactiveness 1. Not breaking a complex problem into parts. 2. Not drawing upon prior knowledge and experience in trying to make sense of ideas which were unclear. 3. Skipping unfamiliar words or phrases, rather than trying to gain good understanding through context. 4. Not translating an unclear word or phrase into one’s own words.

Weakness in Problem Analysis: Inactiveness (cont’d) : 

Weakness in Problem Analysis: Inactiveness (cont’d) 5. Not using a dictionary when necessary. 6. Not actively constructing (mentally or on paper) a representation of ideas described in the text. 7. Not evaluating a solution or interpretation in terms of its reasonableness.

Lack of Perseverance : 

Lack of Perseverance 1. Making little attempt to solve the problem through reasoning because of lack of confidence in one’s ability to deal with this type of problem. 2. Choosing to answer based on only a superficial consideration of the problem. 3. Solving the problem in a mechanical manner, without much thought. 4. Reasoning the problem part way through, then giving up and jumping to a conclusion.

Failure to Think Aloud : 

Failure to Think Aloud 1. Not vocalizing one’s thinking in sufficient detail while working the problem.

Question : 

Question You have only an 8-liter jug and a 3-liter jug. Both containers are unmarked. You need exactly 4 liters of water. How can you get it, if a water faucet is handy?

Question : 

Question Three handsome geniuses all wanted to marry the beautiful heiress. The wealthy father told them, “I have three red hats and two white hats. I will blindfold all of you then choose three of the five hats to put on your heads. After the hats are on your heads, I will take off your blindfolds. The first man to tell me the color of his own hat without looking at it will marry the heiress.” The father did as he had said. The man said he couldn’t tell the color of his hat. The second man said he couldn’t tell, either. But the third man, who was blind, correctly told the color of his hat. What color was it, and how did he know?

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