Cash for Old Car – Make Money by Selling Your Old Car

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Scrap and unwanted cars are occupying the space in your backyard and garage. It’s better to call in for unwanted car removal in Melbourne. Read to know everything about unwanted and old car removal in Melbourne and why it is the right choice for you. Visit us at,


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MAKE MONE Y BY SELLING YOUR OL D CAR Largest vehicle dismantlers and auto salvage experts b y VI C Me tal Re cyc lers Pty Ltd C A S H F O R O L D C AR

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When it comes to cars even a small problem can quickly escalate into a bigger issue. This is particularly true w ith old cars. There comes a point w h en the car is just in unrepairable state and all you need to do is dump it as junk. How ever the entire process of scrap car removal can be a headache unto itself. But not w h en you opt for cash for old cars Melbourne service. There are numerous car wrecking companies offering FREE scrap car removal and cash for cars in Melbourne. Yes you get that right These companies offer you money for your old clunker and will also take it from your place without charging you anything. Depending on the m ake model age and condition of your car they will offer you an appropriate amount. If theres still some possibility of your car being repairable theyll fix it and sell it to the third p arty. While on the other hand w ith the d am ag ed car that can’t be repaired they’ll remove all the serviceable and salvageable parts to sell it to the third part. Later they crust the rest of the body and melt it d o w n into valuable metal composites which in turn they sell to the manufacturing industry.

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For m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n visit our w eb si te w w w. v i c m e t a l r e c yc l e r s . c o m . a u o r s e n d m a i l t o u s a t v i c m e t a l r e c yc l e r s g m a i l . c o m W e a r e located a t 1 M a r i a Str eet L a ve r t on N o r t h Vi ctor i a 3026 Vic Metal Recyclers is Melbourne’s largest vehicle dismantlers and auto salvage experts specializing in scrap car removal Melbourne. With more than 20 years of experience they ar e highly equipped w ith the expertise and skills to m ake your car removal a hassle-free process. Regardless of its condition and age w e offer on-site cash for all the makes and models of the car. We offer a highly competitive price and FREE car removal service. Whether you w a n t to get rid of the old u n w an ted car or a car involved in the accident w e dispose of all the cars in an environmentally-friendly and lawful manner. To get a free price quote for any u n w an ted car removal in Melbourne get in touch w ith us.

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