Is green tea good for kidneys

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Consumption of green tea can provide you with lots of health benefits as well as some harmful side effects.


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6/22/2019 Is green tea good for kidneys 1/6 Is green tea good for kidneys JUNE 22 2019 Total: 1    Average: 5/5 Vote Saved All natural things are healthy for us. There are no uses of artificial things in natural products because they are made up of herbs. We all drink coffee or tea as we think they provide us with energy. Approximately 75 percent of people drank coffee and 40 percent drank tea. But do you know that drinking more than one cup of tea or coffee regularly is a link with less buildup of calcium in your arteries that supply blood to the heart can lead to heart disease. On the other side the people who drink natural green tea are leaving a much healthier life in comparison with coffee or tea lovers. In this blog you will read about is green tea good for kidneys.

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6/22/2019 Is green tea good for kidneys 2/6 Consumption of green tea has some benefits as well as some side effects.   It is healthy for a patient of kidney disease but its over- consumption can benefit the disease. The amount of caffeine in the green teas can increase the danger of heart attack kidney failure and high blood pressure. Along with that green teas also good for kidneys as they detox them. Remember the over-consumption of anything can harm your body. Before consuming green tea consult your doctor. Is green tea good for kidneys Green Tea Overview – Green teas are made from the camellia sinensis plants. The dried leaf buds and leaves of this plant are the main ingredient behind the production of different types of teas. Green teas are prepared by steaming pan-frying the leaves of Camellia sinensis and let them dry for some time. The formation of other teas like black and oolong made by fermented leaves. Green teas can prevent the following of the health issues – 1. Improve mental alertness and thinking 2. Depression 3. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLD 4. Inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease 5. Wight loss 6. Stomach disorders 7. Vomiting 8. Diarrhea 9. Headaches 10. Bone loss osteoporosis 11. Parkinson’s disease 12. Low blood pressure

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6/22/2019 Is green tea good for kidneys 3/6 13. Chronic fatigue syndrome CFS 14. Dental cavities caries 15. Kidney stone Green Teas can also prevent other major diseases like – 1. Breast cancer 2. Prostate cancer 3. Colon cancer 4. Gastric cancer 5. Lung cancer 6. Liver cancer 7. Tumor Cancers 8. Leukemia 9. Skin cancer Some women drink green teas to fight human papillomavirus HPV which can cause the following health problems – 1. Genital warts 2. Abnormal cells in the cervix cervix dysplasia 3. Cervical cancer If you apply green tea bags to your skin then it will also soothe sunburn and restrain you from skin cancer that happens because of sun exposure. Along with that green tea bags are also helpful to reduce puffiness around the eyes headache and also prevent gums from bleeding after a tooth is pulled. Lots of people use green tea to detox their kidneys but always try to not consume more than 2 cups of green day in one day. The amount of caffeine in it can increase the risk of kidney disease. In case if you notice problems like persistently increased blood pressure blood or

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6/22/2019 Is green tea good for kidneys 4/6 protein in the urine fatigue nausea loss of hunger and many more then go for  Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment  before it’s getting worse. Green Tea Uses – Green teas are likely effective for – 1. Genital warts 2. High cholesterol Green teas are possibly effective and efficient for – 1. Abnormal development of cells of the cervix cervical dysplasia 2. Clogged arteries coronary artery disease 3. Endometrial cancer 4. High or low blood pressure 5. Thick white patches on the gums oral leukoplakia 6. Ovarian cancer 7. Parkinson’s disease Using green teas insufficient evidence for – 1. Ache 2. Bladder cancer 3. Breast cancer 4. Athletic performance 5. Diabetes 6. Stomach cancer 7. Liver and lung cancer 8. Metabolic syndrome 9. Obesity 10. Pain after surgery 11. Stroke

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6/22/2019 Is green tea good for kidneys 5/6 12. Pneumonia 13. Wrinkled skin Green Teas side effects and safety- Green tea is safe for people in moderate amounts when applied to the skin as a specific ointment and as a mouth wash.  But in some cases consumption of green tea can cause fragile digestion like constipation. Along with that green tea can cause liver and kidney problems in exceptional circumstances. Kidney disease can harm other oranges of your body so if you feel any of the symptoms of kidney disease then go for Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment. Consumption of anything cannot harm you if you use it in a natural order. For example if you eat food more then you need that may be able to cause you high cholesterol obesity stomach ache and many more problems. Green tea has some side effects which are like – 1. High doses of green tea can increase the amount of caffeine in our body that can cause side effects mild to severe like headache nervousness sleep problems nausea. Diarrhea irritability irregular heartbeat tremor heartburn dizziness and confusions. It is vital to consume green tea but after consulting your doctor or dietician. 2. Green tea can make anemia worse. 3. The amount of caffeine in green tea can increase the problem of anxiety. 4. The people with a bleeding disorder should not consume green tea because the amount of caffeine in them can increase the disease. 5. During pregnancy and breastfeeding the consumption of small 2 cups of green tea is possibly safe. But more than 1 cup of green tea can increase the chances of miscarriage and other noxious effects due to the amount of caffeine. Along with that green tea increase the danger of birth defects associated with folic acid deficiency

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6/22/2019 Is green tea good for kidneys 6/6 Women’s who are nursing consumption o caffeine can turn dangerous for them as caffeine passes into breast milk and affect a nursing infant. On the off chance you or anyone in your known is suffering from any of the problem caused by green tea and especially related to the kidneys then communicate with a doctor for Ayurvedic kidney disease treatment and live a disease-free life.

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