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Is kidney failure common among diabetic patients? Diabetes and renal failure are the two conditions that overlap each other in terms of complications.


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5/9/2019 Is kidney failure common among diabetic patients 1/4 Is kidney failure common among diabetic patients MAY 9 2019  Total: 0    Average: 0/5 Kidney failure happens because of certain health conditions that damage the blood vessels inside the kidneys. Diabetes is one of the leading causes responsible for the injury of the kidney’s filtering units. Blood sugar is a condition in which a body is incapable to make enough insulin or utilize the normal amount of insulin. The two conditions are linked to each other in some way or the other overlapping complexities on each other. How diabetes is responsible for kidney failure

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5/9/2019 Is kidney failure common among diabetic patients 2/4 With high blood sugar the small or little filtering units of the kidney called glomeruli get injured. This damage does not allow the filters to clean the blood properly resulting in more fluid and waste retention than what actually should be. More fluid and waste in the tissues cells and blood vessels lead to swelling of the ankles feet and legs and around the face. Increased diabetes for a prolonged time may hurt the nerves in the kidney. This can cause a problem in emptying the bladder for the urine. When this happens the urine may backflow towards the kidney thereby creating a life-threatening condition. If the urine stays long in your bladder for an extended time the bacteria may multiply inside because of urine that has a high sugar level. What are the signs of diabetic kidney disease Most people with diabetic kidney disease do not feel any sign of kidney damage in the body. Still the signs that may appear in the body are: The first-hand sign of diabetic chronic kidney damaged is the loss of a protein called albumin from the blood. The presence of protein in the urine makes it foamy dizzy and sparkling like a broken egg. The fluid retention causes swelling in the ankles feet and hands More urge to urinate at night especially when sleepy Blood pressure may increase because of damage to the kidney’s filters Can you prevent kidney failure among diabetic patients Yes even though you have diabetes level you still may be able to prevent the risk of kidney failure. The best way to keep kidneys functional is to work on the required blood sugar and blood pressure level. A healthy lifestyle renal diet and ayurvedic medications will help to maintain the overall health of the patient.

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5/9/2019 Is kidney failure common among diabetic patients 3/4 Control blood sugar level Maintaining the apt blood sugar level not only keep kidneys healthy but also promote heart health. To learn about your level the doctor will test the A1C level a measure of blood glucose level over the last 3 months. To maintain blood sugar certain food items should be restricted in the diet plan. Keep an apt blood pressure level Blood pressure also called hypertension is another cause of kidney failure and hence should be worked upon. High blood pressure pushes the vessels of the body to work hard to transmute the blood. The blood pressure for a healthy human being is considered to be 140/90 mm and if your BP is too high then this range ayurvedic medications should be taken. Develop a healthy lifestyle If you have some of the habits that may lead you to kidney failure then it is the high time you should quit them. Some healthy tips include: Cut down smoking Restrict sodium intake Do more physical activity Take sound sleep every night Avoid foods that are rich in sodium and sugar Abstain canned food items Avoid consuming drugs   Take ayurvedic prescriptions on time

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5/9/2019 Is kidney failure common among diabetic patients 4/4 If you have got diagnosed for kidney failure or have the signs of kidney failure then taking ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure can act as the best alternative treatment. Ayurvedic medications work on the underlying causes of kidney failure and tend to eliminate the condition completely. Further the ayurvedic medicines are 100 safe and organic to consume by the patients and prints no complications on the patient’s life. Is kidney failure common among the patients In most of the cases when a patient avoids the relevant treatment uncontrolled diabetes may reach to kidney failure. It is not necessary that everyone with diabetes will end up with kidney failure but yes they have an increased risk of renal failure if they are not taking the required medicines to maintain the health of the damaged kidney. Therefore it is necessary to take ayurvedic medicines at the early stage of injury to prevent future complications. If you require more information about diabetes and kidney failure then approach to Karma Ayurveda an ayurvedic kidney acre institution in Delhi.

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