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Ten factors of life 十如是 十如是是指在十界的任何一界, 在瞬间的生命中具备著十种共通的构造 . 如是相 ( 外表表现出来的形态 )、 如是性 (性 资 、性分)、 如是 体 (本 体 、根本的主 体 )、 如是力 ( 内在的力量 )、 如是作 ( 将内 在的力量表 现 出 来 的作用)、 如是因 (造成果的直接原因)、 如是缘 ( 有助原因造成结果的助缘 )、 如是果 (由於因和 缘 而造成的 内 面 结 果), 如是报 (果的具 体 表 现 )、 如是本末究竟等 ( 以开始的相为本 ,以 终结的报为末 ,本末究竟是相等的。 换句话说 , 从 如是相到如是 报为止这九种全都是具备在一瞬间 的生命之中)。 而且,如是的意思是「 如实地看事物 、事象。」。 The ten factors are introduced in the Lotus Sutra to define the fundamental reality of life. This reality consists of appearance, nature, entity, power, influence, internal cause, relation, latent effect, manifest effect and their consistency from beginning to end." These ten factors are common to all living beings, in any of the ten states of life [ten worlds], from hell to Buddhahood. The ten factors provide a useful guide to the essential components which make up all life. No one could say that he or she has no " appearance ." Such a person would be invisible. Equally, no one could claim not to have a personality, to have no energy, or to carry out no activity. So long as we are alive, we manifest the ten factors. We all have a physical identity consisting of our features, posture and so on--our appearance--and a nature --the unseen aspects of our temperament or personality such as a short temper, kindness or reticence. Our entity or fundamental identity is composed of these two aspects. Power is life's potential strength or energy to achieve something, and influence is the movement or action produced when this latent power is activated. Internal cause consists of the possibilities inherent in our life and the inner karmic tendencies or orientations we have created by our past thoughts, actions and deeds. Relation is the external cause which helps "stir up" and activate the internal cause. Latent effect is the result produced simultaneously in the depths of our life by this interaction, and manifest effect is the visible external result which eventually appears. Consistency from beginning to end means that all these nine factors are perfectly consistent in expressing our life state at any given moment 如是相 Ap pearance 如是性 Nature 如是体 Entity 如是力 Power 如是作 Influence 如是因 Internal cause 如是缘 Relation 如是果 Latent effect 如是报 Manifest effect 如是本末究竟等 Consistency from beginning to end

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