Four noble truths Noble eightfold path 四圣谛 八正道


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佛陀悟道後最早 传 授的真理 . 释迦牟尼成道后,在鹿野苑 , 初转法轮,即为憍陈如等五位贤者宣讲了四圣谛,五人各有所证悟,而求出家成为五比丘僧。 Four noble truths Noble eightfold path 四圣谛 八正道 A fundamental doctrine of Buddhism clarifying the cause of suffering and the way of emancipation. Shakyamuni is said to have expounded the four noble truths at Deer Park in Varanasi, India, during his first sermon after attaining enlightenment. 苦谛 The truth of suffering 根据对现实的深刻观察, 佛总结出人生的八大痛苦 All existence is suffering caused by the eight kinds of universal sufferings. 集谛 The truth of the origin of suffering 灭谛 The truth of the cessation of suffering 正見 Right views 道谛 The truth of the path to the cessation of suffering Suffering is caused by selfish craving. It is this craving which leads to renewed existence, accompanied by delight and lust, seeking delight here and there, that is, craving for sensual pleasures, craving for existence, craving for extermination. The eradication of selfish craving brings about the cessation of suffering and enables one to attain nirvana. There is a path by which this eradication can be achieved, namely, the discipline of the eightfold path. 之所以有这种种痛苦 , 是因为有产生痛苦的根源 , 主要是贪 、嗔、痴三毒, 这 就是 “ 集谛 ” 。 要想去除痛苦,就要消灭 产 生痛苦的原因 “ 贪 、嗔、痴 ” , 这 就是 “ 灭谛 ” 。 是不是想灭掉三毒, 就可以轻而易举地 灭 掉呢 ?不是的, 必须要去修八正道 , 诸恶莫作 , 众 善奉行, 这 就是 “ 道谛 ” 。 正命 Right livelihood 正思維 Right intention 正精進 Right effort 正語 Right speech 正念 Right mindfulness 正業 Right action 正定 Right concentration

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