Understanding Filing Tables


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This presentation takes you through how to find information on your chainsaw chain. Learn how to use the Oregon filing table to ascertain filing angles, depth gauges, etc.


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Understanding Filing Tables : 

Understanding Filing Tables with David Vickers

Identifying Your Chain : 

Identifying Your Chain

Find The Manufacturer : 

Find The Manufacturer OREGON

Select The Filing Table : 

Select The Filing Table OREGON

Identify The Chain : 

Identify The Chain IDENTIFYING NUMBER: 18

Lookup Chain In Table : 

Lookup Chain In Table IDENTIFYING NUMBER: 18

Cutter Profiles : 

Cutter Profiles Cutter Profile You may need to use the cutter profile column to help identify your chain correctly.

File Information : 

File Information File Size

Depth Gauge Setting : 

Depth Gauge Setting Depth Gauge Setting

Filing Angles : 

Filing Angles Filing Angles

Sharpening Information : 

Sharpening Information File Size: 5.5mm Depth Gauge: 1.2mm Filing Angle: 35 degrees Cutter Profile: “Micro Chisel”

Summary : 

Summary Using a filing table: Find the manufacturer. Find the identifying number. Check these against your filing table. You may need to compare the cutter profile. Read off the information.

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