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GENERAL DISPENSING PROCEDURE Prepared By : Mr. Naresh Rajgor, Assistant Professor, M.P. Patel College of Pharmacy, Kapadwanj


GENERAL DISPENSING PROCEDURE Work on your own place. Wear freshly laundered overall coat. Provide yourself with a clean glass-cloth, a duster and either sponge. Work in a clean and tidy manner. Read the prescription carefully, make sure you understand it and that it is legally correct. If necessary, find out the formula of the prescription in an appropriate source of information.

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Check the doses of internal preparations. Find, from an appropriate source, if any ingredient is a poison. Conform that there are no pharmaceutical or therapeutic incompatibility in the preparation. if you are unsure of correct method of preparation refer to your practical notebook. Look up the storage conditions for the preparations. Work out the calculations. Check the calculations.

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Collect the correct container and closure. If necessary, trim the label to fit the container but do not remove the name of suppliers. Write the main label and collect any special labels that are required. Make the preparation, pack it in the containers and polish the label. Check the label and fix them to the container. Check the finished preparation. Wrap the container and write the patient’s name and address on the wrapper. Make the appropriate records.

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