Features of Top of the Line Ceiling Fans

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Features of Top of the Line Ceiling Fans:

Features of Top of the Line Ceiling Fans www.vguard.in

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WHAT DOES ONE LOOK FOR IN A GOOD CEILING FAN? One`s own comfort is the very first preference especially when they have spent money for it. Then all they want is the maximum comfort they will get from it. When one will be lying over the bed, tired after a hectic day, suddenly they will look at the ceiling fan which is turned off. One will have to get up from bed; will have to reach the switch board to turn it on. Then even if it is turned on, as soon as one comes back to their place, they will notice that the spinning speed of their ceiling fan is not as much as they required it at that moment. They will definitely wish that if they would have some magical powers then they would manage their fan ’s spinning speed.

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SOLUTION TO THIS: Now, one can fulfill these wishes by buying the top of the line ceiling fans that have a remote control with them through which they can turn it on from their place without getting up, unless they have their remote placed somewhere far from them. Then these fans have another important feature in them that through this remote control, one can also control the spinning speed of the fan, can increase or decrease it as much or as little as they want to, without any effort. Moreover, these fans can be made to adjust rotation directions according to the season e.g clockwise during the winter and anti-clockwise during the summer. Multiple speed settings, that are at least three, is also a very good feature in the top of the line fans these days.

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STABILIZERS FOR AC: The top ceiling fans works as stabilizers for ac . When the air conditioner is turned on in a room, these fans manage themselves according to the cooling and manage the room temperature from getting too low, keeping it according to the adjusted temperature of the ac. such fans are the best preferred ones to be used especially in summers. STABILIZERS FOR REFRIGERATORS: Ceiling fans that are worth considering as the most appropriate ones to use also have this feature in them through which they have the power to work as stabilizers for refrigerators . When such a fan is turned on in a room having a refrigerator placed in it, it will stabilize the refrigerator`s temperature according to the room temperature and then will help in better cooling in summers and a normal one in winters, according to the required thing set by one.

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ENERGY SAVERS: A good ceiling fan uses the energy of 60 watts or less. And if one takes a ceiling fan with lights on it then it will require a bit more energy, but they have to choose that which one of the ceiling fans needs the least even along with lights. There is another valid factor which is airflow. A scale rated by Air Movement and Control Association for the best recommended ceiling fans is at least 4000 cubic feet per minute. Hence it is necessary to save electricity.

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V-GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD 33/2905 F, Vennala High School Road, Vennala, Kochi-682028, Ph: +91 484 3005000 Fax: 0484-3005100, E-mail: mail@vguard.in Web: www.vguard.in

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