Benefits of a Solar Water Heater

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Concern for the planet through efficient use of technology using Solar Water Heater with Evacuated Tube Collector.


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Benefits of a Solar Water Heater:

Benefits of a Solar Water Heater

Benefits of a Solar Water Heater:

Benefits of a Solar Water Heater Luxuriously hot water; it’s what you’ve always longed for. Now it’s possible to enjoy it for a fraction of the cost and that too with very little impact on the environment. Invest in a solar water heater and enjoy hot water every day. Put in a solar water heater on your roof. As the water circulates, the sun will heat the water and it is available through the tap. There are three types of savings you make from installing a solar water heater


Energy: You make significant savings on energy as electricity consumption is being avoided. You save anywhere between 50% to 90% on your electricity bill. Which translates into that much less energy that needs to be produced.

Water heating costs::

Water heating costs: An average home can save big money from its electricity bills every year, especially at the rate that energy costs are skyrocketing across the globe. This results in major savings in the family budget.


Environment: Harnessing the suns energy is surely a way to ahead for good, clean and free energy. A family of 4 that uses a solar water heater can save up to 3 or 4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions when compared with a conventional electric heater. That is equivalent to taking one small car off the road. Can you imagine the huge impact it has on the environment as well as on our future generations?

Pay for itself::

Pay for itself: Your solar water eventually pays for itself in the long run when you add up the savings on your energy bills.

Government rebates::

Government rebates: Many governmental rebates, subsidies and incentives are available. Check with your local bodies before your purchase your solar water heater . This can give you a huge saving in your initial investment. Make sure your required documentation is all ready to be able to avail of these facilities.

Reputed manufacturer::

Reputed manufacturer: Ensure you purchase from a reputed manufacturer. V Guard Industries is one of the best in the industry with a good after sales service record.

Lasts longer::

Lasts longer: Yet another advantage of this solar water heater is that it lasts longer than your conventional electric water heater. So it looks like that you’ll be enjoying free, clean and luxuriously hot water for a really long time and long after your neighbours have replaced the heaters. Stand up for the environment! Stand up for your planet!

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