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“Mashup” of PM Community: 

'Mashup' of PM Community PM Community is not just a business; it is a concept of bringing many people together in a collegial environment that creates and adds value Confidential Insider’s View NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION

Project Community: 

Quote from the Article: 'Discover Your Project’s Identity,' Projects@Work by David Schmaltz   (June 15, 2006) , author of the popular book, 'The Blind Men and The Elephant, Mastering Project Work' as well as honcho of True North pgs., Inc. that runs (which is not related to PM Community).    'It takes a community to bring a project to coherent conclusion, but no project achieves community without first discovering an identity that everyone involved can recognize. Sleep-inducing PowerPoint presentations packed with mile-stones and deliverables can’t do the trick. What can? Well, withered turnips, kimonos and other visual metaphors have worked for others. Can you discover your project's identity and, most important, share it?' Project Community

Boomers…stats!Easiest to invest in oneself!: 

'Many Boomers Tap Nest Eggs to Found New Businesses' article by Trevor Thomas, Sept. 24, 2007 issue of National Underwriter 75% of boomers who started a new business later in life, drew from their personal savings (acc. to the Hartford Financials Services Group). 67% of boomer business owners consider themselves conser-vative decision makers rather than risk-takers when it comes to making business judgments. 59% say their work-life balance improved after going into business, despite the many day-to-day responsibilities business owners face. 55% reported an improvement in their personal financial picture after starting their business, compared to only 25% who saw their financial situation get worse. Boomers…stats! Easiest to invest in oneself!

Partnering & Facilitation: 

Partnering andamp; Facilitation Almost a decade ago, in the Facilitator’s Workshop Series, Charles Markert talked frankly on Project Partnering:  'When done properly, partnering causes people in the participating organiza-tions to look out for the organizations best interest and they are happy to do it, while insisting on working together, happily creating better solutions to inevitable problems.' Markert continues: 'Success is better assured when the parties to a contract use an indepen-dent third party partnering facilitator to conduct the major sessions on a regular basis …. Without an independent facilitator, the project meetings will be business as usual.' Reread this entire quote ..… It tells it like it is (should be). '…use an independent third party partnering facilitator…'


Netweaving Netweaving is the newest form of network marketing, and the logical successor to partnering. It includes all of the character-istics of collaboration and partnering but goes further in form and substance.    'There is no netweaving without participants who understand, and are eagerly willing to abide by, the tenets of partnering for mutual benefit, gain and opportunity.' 'Netweaving extends the boundaries of good will by implanting a moral imperative that ensures mutual respect in the process will produce tangible results accruing to both/all sides—if not immediately then over the time continuum.' This is exhibited when one netweaved party has immediate benefit and gain while the other may not. It is presumed and logically understood that satisfaction will eventually flow to the deferring party out the initial action.


Marketing Marketing is the time, effort and expense to demonstrate the value of a product or service. It is not the Sale event itself; rather, it is everything that leads up to the actual sale—where the offer-to-sell is replace by the event that is called ‘the sale.’ Too often, Marketing is confused with Sales. 'Sales is the action of a buyer purchasing and a seller delivering a good/service at an agreed price andamp; terms.'    Many great people are terrific marketers, but really terrible sales-people; and vice versa. Each (Marketing andamp; Sales) is a major business function and should be compensated separately. (Poor salesmanship does not mean poor/deficient marketing—but the former could surely be the result of bad/ineffective marketing.)


We believe that our members actually can control the destiny of many of their clients. It is a fact their timely advice helps to shape the future of their clients. For this reason, PMC was built as a 'closed shop' in order to better serve its members. By limiting our efforts and ex-pending all our energies on members, their clients can get the greatest value added. Marketing Examples


Humor is effective marketing especially when the subject matter is so serious and vital to the target audience. Here, Ted Goff’s cartoon drives the point home —projects can be complicated and need a project manager. We thank our members for their continuing suggestions to make our marketing even more effective (for them!) Of course, they’ll get credit and also be rewarded. For deal-doing project members, we also have an Mandamp;A version to the above…equally as effective. Marketing Examples


This is a favorite of our financial services members. With so many boomers, at or nearing retirement, it only make sense (and cents!!!) to help financial planners and investment advisors to get their clients what they richly deserve—optimum project results in their clients’ next Mandamp;A transaction. PM will be providing special Mandamp;A project facilitation courses. Members use this marketing piece when calling on fellow inter-discipline colleagues to enlighten them re: adding client value via netweaving. Marketing Examples


Another marketing piece we use to build membership – with the expressed intention of providing opportunities for registered members. Since we do not charge any fees or commissions, each member negotiates her/his best deal to serve the newly referred client. Sure, there’s yellow pages, advertising, mailings, etc. but nothing is as easy and cost-effective as PMC membership. Members use this marketing piece when calling on fellow inter-discipline colleagues to enlighten them re: adding client value via netweaving. Marketing Examples


The old 'Swing Project' speaks volumes of how projects are perceived (when there’s lack of management!) We have a limited supply of magnets available that are excellent marketing tools. Terrific ice-breaker that gets cross-disciplinarians talking about their clients’ needs! Superior door-opener when CPAs, attorneys, etc. don’t seem to have time… They’ll gladly find time for you. Members use this marketing piece when calling on professionals to enlighten them re: adding value to their client’s next major project! Marketing Examples


Another postcard designed for the accounting crowd who are in a position to help their clients find members when outsourcing is needed Notice that 'Netweaving' is prominently displayed since we base all of our marketing efforts on its good will/faith. There is no easier or better marketing effort any service professional could engage in than providing help when it’s needed the most! Members use this marketing piece when calling on professionals to enlighten them re: adding value to their client’s next major project! Marketing Examples


An internal marketing piece for our heterogeneous (mixed-discipline) meetings Small-midsize business advisors get to learn about PMC and its competencies It starts with Netweaving, leads to Rainmaking and ultimately to Positioning for members and their clients 'We didn’t invent Project Management, simply a better way to facilitate it.'TM Used for members to be able to freely discuss the potential benefits of what it means to be a member. Marketing Examples


Another field marketing piece for members to use with local professionals. It’s not rocket science, it’s only commonsense –and this reminder is effective as a drop-off or mailing piece. It does take a community to do big projects right  on-time and on-budget! Who better to orches-trate the project than a professional project manager/team leader? Another popular marketing piece used by members when calling on cross-discipline practitioners to enlighten them re: adding value to their client’s next major project! Marketing Examples


Another field marketing piece that we couldn’t resist creating. It opens the door at RAINMAKING and begs the question to explain NETWEAVING. Members get free leads and that’s what it’s all about  helping others 'It’s okay, Colleague, I’m happy that your client got best possible results. And, maybe later you’ll remember me …' 'Absolutely no cost'  for members, that is!!! Marketing Examples


Client Development piece that can open doors to colleagues who didn’t know you existed (before you showed up) This begs for explanation – and if netweaving doesn’t get them, rainmaking usually does! 'What have you done for your clients lately?' open eyes. Marketing Examples Another ice-breaking piece for the field


Another training piece (postcard) for PM members to use with their cross-discipline colleagues. Here our enhanced SWOT analysis is depicted to explain RISK management. Members can tie this into full seminars or training sessions at the client (w/advisor) Another excellent Mandamp;A lead-in piece When it’s time to walk the talk…Mandamp;A Project members can stand tall (and add real value). Marketing Examples


A football season mailer for local pros Designed to remind them who’s available to help their clients SCORE when it means the most! This is the front side of a three-fold mailer. The message is pain-fully clear andamp; obvious: only bring in the best when everything is on the line (goal line). Your client depends on YOU! Seasonal Mailing Piece Marketing Examples

Marketing Examples: 

Marketing Examples This is the back side (inside) of the three-fold football mailer. Can be effectively used in person (right audience) who needs to 'learn the score.' Your client deserves the best, doesn’t he? Give me a call when he’s ready to plan his next project—our pros are ready to be 'outsourced'  already prescreened andamp; qualified to deliver!

Now You Know: 

Now You Know PM Community is a specialty MARKETING firm designed to support the best efforts of Small andamp; Midsize Business (SMB) advisors. (We are an industry-neutral, closed shop serving only professionals who elect to become members.) We do this by NETWEAVING members – facilitating connection of advisors, project managers, and subject matter experts alike, to help [common] clients get optimum value added. We do this by RAINMAKING – finding new clients for members and not charging any transaction fees, charges, commissions – with no strings attached. We do this by POSITIONING members and their clients, if/as engaged to perform fee-based services designed to put them in the right place at the right time!

Now You Know: 

Now You Know Who says it better than Scott Adams/Dilbert? This is slide #20 out of 264.


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