Safety at Work

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By: ramprp (108 month(s) ago)

this safe at work video is good,,we want that video is ppt pres

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SAFETY AT WORK We are proud to present you the winners of our contest:

Slide 2: 

The delivery man 17th place

Slide 4: 

The grinder 16th place

Slide 6: 

The mason 15th place

Slide 8: 

The welder 14th place

Slide 10: 

The luggage handlers 13th place

Slide 12: 

12th place The painters

Slide 14: 

The shipyard mechanics 11th place

Slide 16: 

The air conditioner installer 10th place

Slide 18: 

The construction site worker 9th place

Slide 20: 

8th place The expert in biological weapons

Slide 22: 

7th place The WMD warehouse manager

Slide 24: 

The car mechanics 6th place

Slide 26: 

5th place The electrician

Slide 28: 

The erection team 4th place

Slide 30: 

3rd place The power cable installers

Slide 32: 

2nd place The aircraft mechanic

Slide 34: 

And the winner is … The city council maintenance team !

Slide 36: 

And finally, a special prize to : The shooting gallery assistant

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