3 Reasons to Get a Chargepoint Charging Station for Your Business…


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Fortunately, you don’t need to purchase land to buy a station for electric charging. You can simply install a car charging station at your building.


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If you run a business then installing a car charging station for electric cars will be reap you a lot of benefits. Car charging stations are spreading like wildfire throughout the world. With more people adopting electric cars and using less petrol a method of charging electric cars conveniently is necessary. Fortunately you don’t need to purchase land to buy a station for electric charging. You can simply install a car charging station at your building. You can actually gain a lot of rewards from doing so… Cost Reduction. Electric car charging points for busineses means lower costs. Electric cars inherently cost a lot less to fuel and operate than a petrol vehicle.

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If you’re running a fleet of cars then getting a new EV and a station may be beneficial to you. You’re also reducing costs of maintenance. Electric cars have lower maintenance costs than petrol vehicles. The cleaner energy doesn’t damage the interior mechanisms of the vehicle so you won’t take EVs to a repair shop often. Beyond cost reduction you also gain advantages in property value. Installing a chargepoint charging station will increase the value of the place you’re in. Whether it be a condo a building or a house you can sell it or rent it for more with a car charging station. Acquire More Customers. If you’re running a brick and mortar business installing a car charging station will get you more customers. This applies especially to the retail sector. Let’s say you’re running a shop and in the parking area in front of the building you have a charging station. More people will be likely to stop there for a charge. A lot may also come in to purchase from you some items. With an EV charging station customers are also more likely to stay around for longer. They’ll shop for more and they’ll likely be regular customers. After all you have to consider that an electric car takes time to charge. It isn’t like petrol cars which take a few minutes for a full tank. Electric cars can take 4 hours to charge if you’re using a stage-2 station. Improve Your Reputation. Getting a charging station allows you to brand yourself as a green business. With an electric charging station you can make a statement about ditching petrol fuel for vehicles. You can use this as a leverage point to advertise yourself on multiple social media platforms and locations. A green business may receive a lot of favor in terms of government treatment. Depending on the location you’re in you may get benefits such as tax cuts lower energy prices etc. You’ll also establish yourself amongst a green client base. The green client base will not only support you in terms of popularity but they’ll be regular clients too. As you can see the benefits of getting an electric car charger can be massive. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. So why not start now

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