Adjustment of US Visa status for Permanent Residence


Presentation Description The Legal process of an Immigrant becomes a permanent resident holder of the United States called Adjustment of Visa Status. The Alien can adjust the visa status in the United States. While the applicant is applying out of the United States is considered as Consular process. If the applicant is legally present in the United States, he/she is eligible for adjustment of visa status. If the applicant qualifies under different categories, the applicant must take US Immigration attorney's assistance to choose the best option. If the adjustment of visa is under employment category, Submit I-140. If the process is under US citizen sponsorship, apply I-130 also submit related documents, employment status, background history, medical, minimum financial requirements, living places, and criminal cases. If the applicant hides any information or submit fake documents, the applicant can face a lot of immigration problems. The US immigration department verifies all individual's history.


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How to apply for Adjustment of Status What is adjustment of status? Change the Individual Immigration status while an alien in the United States from Non-Immigrant to Immigration Visa. The documentation process is too important for adjustment of visa status. If you qualify under US intermediate relative category and employment category, contact Green card or NYC Immigration attorney and select the best option.

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Steps in Adjustment of Status Step1: US citizen's intermediate relative legally live in the United states, physically present in the USA. Step:2 Apply I-485 Form. It's an application to register or adjust the visa status. The Intermediate relationship between applicant and US citizen must include in the petition. Step 3: Must participate and prepare for a USCIS Biometrics Appointment through I-90 and I-131. The FBI takes fingerprints, picture for analyzing the all physical activities. Some circumstances, do drugs and DNA testings as well.

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Green Card Interview Tips Finally attend the Green card Interview. Answer with proper documentary evidence for all questions. Don't hide any information, give proper information in the Immigration office. Everytime submit duplicate documents only, but bring original documents with you when you are attending an interview. Submit Form I-797C for notice of action. If the green card approved, the US Immigration department sends a confirmation mail.


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