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biodata in visual format


By: Cindylwf (62 month(s) ago)

Dear Venkat, good presentation. Could you share it with me? My email ID Thanks.

By: rajesh14525888 (64 month(s) ago)

allow to domnload the TOP TEN ppt

By: rajesh14525888 (64 month(s) ago)

great to saw


By: akashbathla (75 month(s) ago)

Great work, Venkat! A Visual CV is always far more attractive and effective than a text-based, just another out of thousands.

By: 5to5 (77 month(s) ago)

Dear Venkat! Please allow me to download your ppt.its outstanding! My id is ll be thankful 2 u..waitin for your response!

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Venkat : 


Slide 2: 

aka M. Venkat Ramana Rao

Slide 3: 

I am basically… A Mining Engineer

Slide 4: 

Studied From… UCE, Kakatiya University

Slide 5: 

With… Gold Medal for Year 2000

Slide 6: 

Medals … Received Bronze medal from Institution of Engineers (I) In 1998

Slide 7: 

After Studies … WORK STUDY & WORK M TECH

Slide 8: 

After Studies … WORK STUDY & WORK M TECH

Slide 9: 

Selected in Campus… As a Mining Engineer

Slide 10: 

Worked in … Longwall Ventilation Bord & Pillar SDLs & LHDs Opencast Planning Shaft sinking put up 6.5 years of Experience

Slide 11: 

Reputation… in no time got recognition from Top brass

Slide 12: 

Expertise… Become expert in solving Ventilation and Strata problems

Slide 13: 

Rescue Trained… Taken training in Rescue & Recovery Operations

Slide 14: 

I Learnt …

Slide 15: 

PG Diploma in … in Computer Science from University of Hyderabad in 2002

Slide 16: 

Competency… Cleared First Class in 2005 from DGMS

Slide 17: 

Publications … Presented few Technical papers

Slide 18: 

In 2007, I Moved to… HYDERABAD

Slide 19: 

Joined… As Quality Assurance Engineer

Slide 20: 

Excelled with new initiatives…

Slide 21: 

Expertise… In Mine Planning and Design using MINEX software

Slide 22: 

Worked as Team leader… for Minex product put up 2.7 years of Experience

Slide 23: 

On 1st Jan 2010 joined… TATA STEEL at Bhubaneswar

Slide 24: 

as a Project Planner… for Tata Sasol Coal Project 1st Indian project for Coal to Liquid conversion

Slide 25: 

My Strengths…

Slide 26: 

Taking Initiative…

Slide 27: 

Think out of the BOX

Slide 28: 

Good communication skills

Slide 29: 

Excellent Team Player…

Slide 30: 

good at… Creative writing Visit my blog at

Slide 31: 

good at… Painting

Slide 32: 

So if you are looking for…

Slide 33: 

A well balanced professional…

Slide 34: 

With multi tasking skills…

Slide 35: 

Upto date with latest technologies…

Slide 36: 

Get in touch with me… +91 – 92380 00242 +91 – 80933 92337

Slide 37: 

and we can work together

Slide 38: 

To reach higher Goals and Objectives…

Slide 39: 

Thanks for your TIME…

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