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PRAGYAN CTF Event Managers Venkkatesh S Suhith R

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WHAT IS PRAGYAN CTF ● Pragyan CTF is a special kind of Information Security Competition. ● Main objective is to exploit the vulnerabilities in a secure system.

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WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO TEST/ACHIEVE ● In our event we test the skills of the participants in Cryptography Binary exploitation Reverse engineering and forensics. ● The main goal is to develop ones hacking skills.

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EVENT FORMAT ● 2 Rounds ● Round 1 - Jeopardy style 2-day contest where hackers are ranked based on scores and times. ● Each participant is provided a set of challenges which they can download as a zip and fnd the keysolution by exploiting a vulnerability. A key is a random text like “fagcongr4tz_y0u_found_1t” ● Round 2 – Attack/Defense - Top 16 hackers go head to head in a wargame for a 24-hour time period. The one who unlocks all the levels frst is the winner. It involves remotely accessing our server to solve the challenges.

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RULES ● The source codes or the solutions should not be made public/open-sourced during the contest. ● Doubts/queries regarding the questions if any should be asked to us directly. Posting such queries in IRC channels/public forums will not be entertained. ● Any attempt to attack the host system will lead to disqualifcation.

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CHANGES FROM LAST YEAR ● Last year the game was just a normal jeopardy style contest. ● This year we have included an exclusive round of attack defense. ● The frst round has some locked challenges which can be unlocked only after solving a particular question.

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SAMPLE PROBLEM ● Q Decrypt rreyyrp cxx ● Hint : Caesar was the solution but he took it to the next level. ● A pragyan ctf ● Solution : Hint implies Vignere cipher and key is “caesar” .

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SWOT ANALYSIS ● StrengthHuge number of participants. ● StrengthParticipants from huge CTF leagues like DEFCON RuCTF etc. ● Weakness No ● Oppurtinity International Exposure for Pragyan. ● Threat OS weaknesses may be exploited by hackers. We need a seperate dedicated server in order to prevent such attacks.

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PRAGYANS CONTRIBUTION ● Publicise extensively a day or two before the begining of the frst round would bring in mass participation. ● Publicity over forums like reddit hacker news.

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VENUE ● Online event. Not Applicable.

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DAY/TIME ● Round 1 Day 0 – Day 1 – 48 hours ● Round 2 Day 2 – Day 3 – 24 hours

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BUDGET ● Dedicated server for the contest to prevent mass trafic and possible attacks 100 ● A rack server is more preferrable than Digital Ocean.

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PARTICIPATION ● 300 – 600 participants/teams

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EXPECTED PRIZE MONEY. ● INR 90000. / 1500.

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Preferred Faculty Advisor ● Mr. Pradeep Technical Lead CSG.

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