Why the Telecom Industry Needs Conversational Chatbots?


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Companies from all industries are constantly trying to expand their business value to accommodate new changes in their field. The telecommunication industry is a clear reflection of this.


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8/20/2020 16 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/post/edit/6701727527959965696/ 1/6 Add credit and caption Why the Telecom Industry Needs Conversational Chatbots Companies from all industries are constantly trying to expand their business value to accommodate new changes in their field. The telecommunication industry is a clear reflection of this. As new technologies are emerging the faster growers in telecoms are adopting these innovations to provide better value to their customers and their businesses. Telecommunication companies regularly offer large areas and customer bases. If this is good news for them it also means that they receive a large number of customer queries that require 24/7 support. Chatbots are one of the latest innovations in the telecom landscape that can help with this problem. For the telecom industry providing phone and internet services is not enough. There is a need to improve the customer experience and adapt to new digital technologies to advance the market. Chatbots are a great solution to many issues related to customer support from straightforward questions to complex queries that require expert help. Publishing menu Normal Publish 3 2 11 Search

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8/20/2020 16 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/post/edit/6701727527959965696/ 2/6 While we are still a long way from seeing fully interactive humanoid consultants artificial intelligence and machine learning can help clients become skilled and at varied scopes. For example simple bots can be scripted to answer frequently asked questions but more advanced bots and virtual agents can use machine learning and natural language processing to determine customer intentions analyze word-of-mouth and learn what the customer needs. Use chatbot cases in the telecom industry Chatbots can do more than handle requests quickly and efficiently. Here are some ways chatbots can increase business value in telecoms. Improve customer support Telecom chatbots help clients find what they’re looking for quickly and 24/7. Not only does it save time and resources by answering frequently asked questions or simple and repetitive problems but chatbots can also divert users to relevant departments when things get more complicated. In addition chatbots can help in a mass of situations that can affect many clients at a particular moment. By dealing with a huge amount of questions during that time clients do not have to wait for their problems or concerns to be explained and filed. Also chatbots provide customers with smoother experiences especially when dealing with issues that span different disciplines. These actions lead to a significant increase in customer retention. Solve technical problems Customer experience is intrinsically tied to business value. Customers searching through forums or tedious FAQs are often frustrated and may lose their loyalty to the telecoms company. Conversation chatbots allow users to solve technical problems and find that they can rely on the company for help no matter how technical. Increase workforce productivity Publishing menu Normal Publish 3 2 11 Search

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8/20/2020 16 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/post/edit/6701727527959965696/ 3/6 Chatbots can solve recurring and time-consuming tasks and speed up mainstream queries. It enables agents to focus on more complex issues that improve workforce productivity such as solving complex questions conducting back-office activities or staff training. Give personalized advice Chatbots do not have to solve queries only. They can suggest good deals for their customers review their subscriptions notify pending payments and provide personalized information in a secure and secure way. Telecom chatbots serve as listeners to better understand customer behavior and desires. Build better voice apps. Get more articles interviews from voice technology experts at voicetechpodcast.com Increase sales with promotion and cross-selling Telecom companies offer many services and products. Keeping tabs on customer preferences and past behavior from previous conversations is the perfect opportunity to point out updates or customized services that meet each customer’s needs. For example chatbots can indicate good international roaming deals by knowing if a customer is constantly traveling or phone to specific countries. A simple request on tariffs is a good deal for the client. Improve fraud prevention The rapid expansion of telecommunication services has also brought with it an increase in fraud rates and increasing security and data privacy concerns. According to Capgemini the telecom is listed as one of the industries most vulnerable to cyber fraud schemes and cybersecurity breaches. Last year alone the telecom industry suffered 29 billion in fraud losses. Publishing menu Normal Publish 3 2 11 Search

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8/20/2020 16 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/post/edit/6701727527959965696/ 4/6 Go beyond solving problems Communication platforms help telecom companies to understand client behavior. Chatbots are a great channel for gathering valuable customer feedback because they are more likely to be viewed and used than emails and phone calls. In addition telecom companies have started using chatbots to create customer engagement and interactive discussions on customer interests and services thus providing more entertainment-oriented services than solving problems. These services increase business value in many ways. First chatbots can improve the quality of customer interaction by helping customers 24/7 and in a consistent and unbiased manner while bots can be customized to personalize. To Know More: How To Make AI Voice Assistant Apps For Android For example premium users of the service. Chatbots are also effective because they save time and cost and increase the effectiveness of human staff by allowing them to focus on more complex issues. Chatbots also enable a company to interact with a company by digitizing customer queries analyzing user trends and finding out how customers are engaged and relevant to the brand. Features of Telecom Chatbot Chatbots need to do more than just solve simple problems using simple communication streams and conversational AI is more advanced than first-gen chatbots. Here are some of the features that distinguish them: Conversational A common cause of frustration when talking to chatbots is that they do not understand what the chatbot is saying. Often conversations need to follow a straight line and if something falls out of context or is used synonymously with the exact word the chatbot is lost. Being able to speak and understand nature with a bot is an important goal and a key feature of modern conversational AI platforms. Publishing menu Normal Publish 3 2 11 Search

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8/20/2020 16 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/post/edit/6701727527959965696/ 5/6 Transaction Modern chatbots must be able to execute operations and not provide status updates or information. In telecoms conversation bots can send notifications and offer good deals and promotions just as a physical agent does. To do so communication platforms must be integrated with back-office systems through robotic process automation RPA. This is a complex task that sets the best conversation platforms apart from the rest. Multi-channel Chatbot technology can be deployed across multiple channels making the customer experience much smoother. The best communication platforms have connectors that allow different channels to be used so that users can use the helpers to better suit them. Reliable Customer profiles contain personal and financial data. Telecom services must prove that they are less susceptible to errors than humans and must act precisely to the customer’s needs. Security Since telecom services perform actions that deal with private customer data it is important that the technology complies with the European Regulation-GDPR General Data Protection Regulation and the data is not sent to third parties and can be encrypted and deleted when necessary. Conversation platforms can also be integrated with centralized authentication systems. Final Thoughts We have seen that chatbots are effective in increasing revenue by maintaining customer retention and loyalty. However in order to do so great care must be taken to Publishing menu Normal Publish 3 2 11 Search

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8/20/2020 16 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/post/edit/6701727527959965696/ 6/6 improve the customer experience and drive usage across integrated and personalized communication platforms. Choosing the right platform is essential to performing safe intelligent and scalable tasks to increase the success and business value of the company. If you like Stuff Don’t forget to give us yours   Publishing menu Normal Publish 3 2 11 Search

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