Learn About Criminal Procedure Code before Going to Court

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Your lawyer is taking care of everything but being aware about laws is important for you too. Read further to know why.


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Singapore Criminal Lawyer:

Singapore Criminal Lawyer Ms James has 18 years of Practicing Experience and serves as Vice Chairman of the Law Society of Singapore Criminal Practice Committee. Gloria has been closely involved in the ongoing changes which are currently taking place in criminal law litigation procedures. Mr Singh has extensive experience in Criminal Law from the early 1990s as a Senior Officer with the Ministry of Home Affairs and later as an Assistant Public Prosecutor with the Attorney-General-s Chambers. Amarjit made regular court appearances and prosecuted offenders under the Penal Code, Misuse of Drugs Act, Prevention of Corruption Act, and the Road Traffic Act, amongst others. Amarjit has experience in trial litigation. He is also a member of the Law Society of Singapore Criminal Practice Committee.

Learn About Criminal Procedure Code before Going to Court:

Learn About Criminal Procedure Code before Going to Court In the court of law, often clients stand in the witness box dumbstruck. They are not aware of the things happening around them. The lawyer has assured the client, that he will take care of everything but is he really doing it? There is no way of knowing it without being acquainted with the laws and regulations. Being aware of the laws is very important for the person involved in the criminal case. Some of the lawyers, in their pursuit of avoiding the defeat in the court, do a settlement with the other party fighting the case. The client without the knowledge of what he is doing, will keep on following the suggestions of the lawyer, without hesitation and may end up in trouble or having a criminal case in his name.


Here are some of the reasons, which make it important to be aware of the laws and regulations along with the Singapore criminal procedure code . Discuss the case better: clients who are unaware of the laws feel hesitant to ask anything from the lawyer, as they will never understand anything he may say about the laws and the procedures involved in the case. Before hiring the lawyer, search the points of the case from the criminal case files present in the law books or the internet files. From there you can have a better idea of the procedure hence can discuss things in a better way with the lawyer. Understand every step: from the filing of the case in the court of law and to finalizing everything, there are numerous steps involved in the court procedures. If the defendant is fully aware of the steps of the procedures and the reason behind that, he can assess the situation and understand the intensity of the case. The criminal law firms in Singapore provide guidance and assistance to their clients so that they can understand the case. Being aware of the Singapore criminal procedure code can certainly help the defendant or the applicant of the case to understand the legal implications. Discuss with your lawyer about them.

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