Paddling Season And Paddle Board Rentals In Saugatuck Michigan


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VelocityAdventureTours We not only offer special paddle board rentals In Saugatuck Michigan but also conduct custom kayaking in Fennville Michigan that end up near the shoreline of Saugatuck at the time of sunset.


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Paddle Board Rentals In Saugatuck Michigan .


Lake Michigan is a favorite kayaking destination for Americans belonging to all age groups and why not?


Get ready to bask in exceptional natural beauty.


Saugatuck is not just famous for the off white sands but also kayaking and paddle boating.  


The nearby area of Saugatuck is also popular kayaking destination especially  kayaking in Fennville Michigan  is very popular.  


The  kayak rentals in South Haven , Michigan as well as many other towns are famous for offering budget friendly kayaks on rent and for sale.


We have just unveiled a fresh stock of Sun dolphin Kayaks and Paddle boards for the coming season. 


You will love the fishing paradise


The good news is Saugatuck and surrounding fresh water bodies are ideal destination for fishing too.


We have just unveiled a new stock of sun dolphin fishing boats along with kayaks and paddle boats, if you don’t have the fishing gear we will be happy to provide that too.


What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and drive down to Saugatuck to experience the amazing kayaking In Fennville Michigan with our expert guided tours and hassle free rentals.

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