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We always act with highest standards of integrity and honesty to build respect and trust. Our On-Site & Off-Site data wiping is second to none. We offer a bespoke solution to each customer to suit their individual requirements. We are big enough to deal with any requirement you have and small enough to offer you the customer service that gives you complete peace of mind . With many companies moving to virtualisation and cloud based systems, a lot of old IT equipment potentially containing sensitive data, is being left to rot away in basements, instead of being securely erased and cashed in on whilst there may be some residual value.

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VX510 Small merchants can offer a wide range of customer service options with the Vx 510 . This entry-point countertop solution comes in a sleek, compact design, and offers dynamically-managed memory for seconds-fast processing of debit, credit, EBT and EMV cards. The Vx 510 offers built-in connectivity options (dial, .

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IPP350 As a PCI PTS 4.x certified solution, the iPP 350 ensures secure data and application management and enables highly secured electronic transactions. The smart terminal also complies with SRED and Open protocol modules. The optional PIN privacy shield ensures PIN-entry confidentiality . All Payment Options In addition to accepting EMV chip & PIN, magstripe , and NFC/contactless payments, the iPP 350 also supports new NFC technologies, such as loyalty, and wallets. Robust and optimized for fast checkout, the iPP 350 is designed to meet the needs of intense retail environments. It is compact, requires minimum counter space and provides easy handling. A large 5-key backlit keypad, LCD display and function keys allow comfortable, convenient interactions.

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IWL Touch 280 The 1st payment platform designed for merchant business services Differentiate by turning a payment device into an interactive Point of Services. Reinvent payment apps’ user experience with an elegant  TouchScreen device. Boost merchant productivity with tailor-made business apps. Develop new revenue for merchant with extra sales apps. Change merchant daily life with a next generation device. All Payment Options Offering EMV Chip & PIN, MagStripe , Signature Capture & Contactless payment,  iWL Touch series also enables new NFC couponing & wallet use cases. Deseigned for Mobility Designed specifically for mobility, the iWL Touch 280 provides lightweight, robust, compact-sized design and features large touchscreen . Long Battery Life Natively designed for mobility, Ingenico has paid specific attention to delivering an outstanding battery life. Depending on the use cases, iWL Touch series can deliver up to several days of use. All Wireless Connectivity

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D210 Mobile Ensuring transactional security with PCI PTS 4.x certification, the D210 streamlines payment transactions and enables merchants to offer value-added services and provide a provide a high-tech and user-friendly customer interaction.   iOS  & Android compatible  |  Mfi certified by Apple  |  Visa payWave & MasterCard Contactless certified  |  Bluetooth / WiFi / GPRS connectivity  |  Inbuilt high-speed thermal printer

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PP1000SE PIN Pad VeriFone’s PINpad 1000se is one powerful device that offers two great payment options. With enhanced functionality and a revamped ergonomic design, this best-selling favorite comes with a reliable PIN pad for secure PIN-based transactions. It’s also available in a version with built-in NFC contactless tap technology for payments. It’s simple. It’s secure. It’s a future-proof solution that fits any payment environment. TWO-IN-ONE FUNCTIONALITY • Can accept contactless payments as well as PIN-based transactions • Can replace two countertop peripherals with one device – only one product to purchase and support • Future-proof payment solution, fully updatable and compatible UNMATCHED SERVICES AND SUPPORT • All your needs in hand – PIN pad securely and efficiently handles credit and PIN-based debit transactions • Designed with large, LCD graphic display and enhanced ergonomics for ease of use • Enhanced PIN pad design with large keypad

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VX520 GPRS/CTLS The VeriFone VX 520 gprs with Smart cart, contactless reader, with battery backup wireless credit card machine is a reliable, rugged countertop device that’s built to last. It handles encryption, decryption and processing at lightning speeds thanks to its powerful processor and expandable memory. Integrated NFC capabilities support alternative payments and also supports value-added applications such as loyalty or gift card acceptance. This vx520 with EMV, SmartCard Reader has a full range of connectivity options, from dial up to GPRS, with a battery backup allows the VX 520 to go wherever you go. A uniquely designed communication port area underneath the device keeps countertops neat and free of clutter.

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