How to Choose a Carrier of Air Hostess

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Presentation Transcript : Information about Air Hostess Air Hostess means playing hostess in the air. The job of an Air Hostess is to ensure that the passengers have a comfortable journey on flight. Becoming an air hostess is one of the greatest job in the world. Air hostess profession focuses on overall personality development through which you can learn confident to yourself, to deal pleasantly with people, to carry yourself with grace and other technical aspect related to flying. : Eligibility for Air Hostess Training Air hostess training is based on a written test, group discussion and personal interviews. It requires pleasant personality, good eyesight, slim figure, and a minimum height of 5.6'inches are pre-requisites for getting admission to air hostess training institutes. The applicant should be physically fit with a pleasing personality and clear complexion. : Courses for Air Hostess During Air hostess training course the trainees learn how to interact with people for that all the trainees spend their time by doing group discussion to boost up their confidence while meeting people. Dress up sense is a very important criteria for an Air hostess. Every domestic or international airline has a dress code for the entire Air hostess. Air hostess training improves the English of all the students or Air hostess trainees during the Air hostess training program. To become an Air hostess you should know how to do team work. Because in big airlines, you always have to be a board member and work with other air hostess on board. : After completing the air hostess training course you can apply for the position of air hostess existing in various domestic and international airline. After selecting through test first they become junior air hostess then if they are able to fulfill their duties they are promoted to post of senior flight attendant and to head attendant. This job is perfect for anyone who enjoys traveling and working with a great staff of people and customer service. Opportunity for Air Hostess : Commercial pilot training program helps the student to make their carrier from early stage of life. They offer many jobs such as jobs with airline, air force pilot training, jobs for air airhostess is a good opportunity for girls. The major responsibility of air hostess is to look after the safety and comfort of passengers and them in time of their needs if you want to get more information regarding Air Hostess then you can visit this site for detailed information

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