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A Descriptive Study on Employee Commitment- A Key Factor for Organizational Excellence : 

A Descriptive Study on Employee Commitment- A Key Factor for Organizational Excellence A.Veena PhD(Regd) Research Scholar, Madras Christian College, Chennai.


INTRODUCTION An organization with good employer-employee relationship will sure achieve their objectives without any loss out of their business. Employee commitment plays a vital role in the development of each and every organization all over the world. Employee motivation, employee engagement, employee loyalty and employee communication are also some of the factors important in an organization towards achieving their objectives. A state of emotional and intellectual involvement that employees have in an organization leads to a greater success.

Literature Review : 

Literature Review Joel Barker says, “Vision Without Action…Is Just a Dream, Action Without Vision…Just Passes through Time, But, Vision and Action… Can Change The World. ” ” Tom Peter’s in his book, In Search of Excellence states that, “there is no such thing as excellent organizations, only those that believe in continuous improvement.” Jack Welch says, “Good Business Leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.” Former Medtronic CEO in his book Authentic Leadership makes an obvious point that business leaders rarely say out loud, “Missions Motivate, Dollars Don’t.” In awakening Corporate Soul, authors Eric Clien and John Izzo say that employee commitment requires knowing, “the purpose of our work; it means recognizing the purpose our organization fulfills that goes beyond the bottom line; and it means articulating to others how their (workers) efforts contribute to a larger purpose.” “Great managers create Great Finishers by reminding their employees to keep their eyes on the prize, and are careful to avoid giving effusive praise or rewards for hitting milestones ‘along the way,’ Halvorson writes.

Objectives and Research Methodology : 

Objectives and Research Methodology To observe the commitment of employees towards organizational excellence. To observe the concept of organizational excellence. To discuss various factors like employee loyalty, employee motivation and employee engagement towards managing organizational excellence. To know the manager-subordinate relationship in the organization in general view. To understand the contribution of ethics business towards employee commitment in an organization. The methodology adopted is the descriptive explanation about employee commitment as a key factor towards organizational excellence.

Concept of Organizational Excellence : 

Concept of Organizational Excellence An excellent organization by definition is one that has successfully worked out its integrated portfolio of needs, results, work and competence. Organization has identified the needs of its three main stakeholders namely customers, employees and shareholders. Then, the organization translated these needs into objectives or results to be achieved that will satisfy these needs. Some of the other key factors towards organizational excellence are as follows. Customer Focus Consolidation of Current Business Efficient Operation Exploring New Markets Human Resource Management Corporate Image Building The employee commitment comes under the management of human resources of an organization which plays an important role in every organization towards its goals and objectives.

Employee Commitment towards Organizational Excellence : 

Employee Commitment towards Organizational Excellence Employee commitment refers to the psychological attachment of employees to their workplaces. Commitment to organization is positively related to such desirable outcomes as job satisfaction and negatively related to such outcomes as absenteeism and turnover. . Employee commitment often referred to as “employee engagement” or “employee loyalty”. Employee commitment is the loyalty and support of workforce towards the goals of an organization. Employee commitment is the extent to which employees identify with the organization’s work ethic, co-operate with its goals and objectives and contribute to corporate performance. The degree to which employees are committed to their work, job and employer can be inferred from their feelings, attitudes, behavior and actions whilst at work.

Business Ethics towards Employee Commitment : 

Business Ethics towards Employee Commitment An employee commitment comes from employees who believe their future is tied to that of the organization and their willingness to make personal sacrifices for the organization. The more an organization is dedicated to taking care of its employees; it is that the employees will take care of the organization. A commitment by the organization to goodwill and respect for its employees usually increases the employees’ loyalty to the organization and their support of its objectives. Employees’ perception that their organization has an ethical culture leads to performance enhancing outcomes within the organization.

Suggestions to Build Employee Commitment : 

Suggestions to Build Employee Commitment The corporate culture or financial rewards will not make employees successful in their work place. Recognition is the one thing that is completely under the control of the organization. Strong relationship between superior and subordinate creates healthy employee commitment which leads an organization towards standard growth. The organization can provide their employees with simple rewards which may bring them with large outcome towards their excel. Such rewards may be inexpensive rewards like tickets to a ball game or half a day off to their employees by remembering employees’ birthdays and anniversaries. Leaders should praise and recognize their employees in a specific manner. Specific praise links individual accomplishments to organizational goals. Valuing the fresh ideas and innovations of each employee in an organization creates good commitment towards the organizational goals and objectives. Every leader should have the motive in the mind that money cannot buy everything. The real reward an employer can provide to their employees is their true appreciation of the job done by them for the organization towards their excellence.

Suggestions (contd…) : 

Suggestions (contd…) From top to the bottom level of the organization, each employee should know the vision and mission statement of the organization as well as their motive towards the goals and objectives achievement. Neglect can bring a poisoned employee in an organization. Employer should be clearer in recognizing the employee for their work performed. Recognition is the elixir that will spark better attitudes and performance from employees. Leaders must ensure that the succession plan should be linked to and supported by the organizations overall missions, visions, issues and strategic goals. Management should take deliberate action and be honest about the urgency of personnel shortages. The focus is on developing talent to ensure bench strength in the organization. The common thread for implementing a succession plan is communication among the employees from top level to the bottom level of the organization. Succession planning is a support function of the Human Resources department, but HR does not own it; the management team does. They must do the heavy lifting and be the catalyst for ensuring that the succession planning process succeeds. Without the constant and consistent support of the management and the executive leadership team, the process will fail.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Good is no longer good enough. To survive in today’s competitive environment, every organization is in need to excel. To excel, an organization needs to focus on all parts of their management, optimizing the use and effectiveness of all of its resources. An organization should concentrate towards the growth of their employees which automatically creates good commitment of employees towards their goals and objectives. the fact is employee commitment and engagement towards an organization paves the way for an organization to achieve its goals and objectives in a standard approach.

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