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CRANES USED AT TYPICAL CONSTRUCTION SITES Submitted By- Ved Prakash Verma ME - 3 rd Year, Sec (H) Roll No. - 2902740012

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A crane is a lifting machine, generally equipped with a winder (also called a wire rope drum), wire ropes or chains and sheaves that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally.

Ancient Greece :

Ancient Greece The crane for lifting heavy loads was invented by the Ancient Greeks in the late 6th century BC.

Ancient Rome :

Ancient Rome In the High Middle Ages, harbour cranes were introduced to load and unload ships and assist with their construction – some were built into stone towers for extra strength and stability. The earliest cranes were constructed from wood, but cast iron and steel took over with the coming of the Industrial Revolution.

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There are three major considerations in the design of cranes- 1- The crane must be able to lift the weight of the load. 2- The crane must not topple. 3- The crane must not rupture. Lifting capacity Stability

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A 500-ton crawler-mounted mobile crane (not the biggest) may take several days to erect on site and to travel to the lift location. However, a 45-ton truck-mounted telescopic boom crane is ready when it arrives on site and can execute many lifts that same day.

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Upper works of a Crane

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Carrier Crawler Base

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The average fee to rent a 150-foot (46 m) crane is $60,000 for assembly and disassembly and an additional $15,000 per month.

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