Lesson 2 Withholding a gift that would hurt the one who might receive


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Sometimes the most generous thing we can do is not give something to someone when we have an idea it may lead that person or group to lose sight of the truth, or to become dependent on a substitute for truth. Sometimes generosity means thinking of the impact, and making a choice to support in love, not in stuff and behaviors that will lead the receiver to give in to personal weaknesses and debilitating, destructive choices. Note: Please consider going to docstoc.com to get the complete set of notes which I hand out to my class. In there you will find further information, and often links to other helpful or thought-provoking sites. http://www.docstoc.com/profile/vanessajustice1 and an accompanying audio can be accessed at chirbit by going through our website at http://covenantbible.wix.com/covenant-bible#!look2creation-classcharacter-resources/c11mw


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Withholding a gift that would hurt the one who might receive it.:

Withholding a gift that would hurt the one who might receive it. But they that will be rich fall into temptation & a snare, & into many foolish & hurtful lusts, which  drown men in destruction & perdition. 1 Timothy 6:9   Character Sketches, Vol. 2 IBLP, 1978, pages 340-351 Information also drawn from Character First! Business Character Bulletin No. 3-31, various Character Councils, & other websites Lesson 2 vs. Stinginess

Who Am I?:

Who Am I? In Nature… Solitary Native to NA sand dunes east of the Rockies Live about 3-4 months in the wild From Scripture… A famous victorious general Generous, but not wise, with family & friends The gift became a snare to all Israel

The Sand Wasp:

The Sand Wasp bembix ( New Latin, fr . Gk ~ a buzzing insect, top, whirlpool, cyclone; akin to Gk bombos ~ booming or humming sound   ) pruinosa ( Latin~ something that appears to be frosted over or 'with a powdery bloom ' ) The pitch & tone of its wings tells its mood… Contented? Gathering food or feeding? It hums. Calling a mate? It intensifies to a thrumming. Threatened? Attacked? It virtually roars! http://www.rkwalton.com/wasps/Bembix_americana.php

The short life of a sand wasp…:

The short life of a sand wasp… *.5” in length *Each wasp is not equally industrious *Digs deeply into sand to nest in the cooler layers, somewhere between 8” & 20”, depending upon the size of the dune & whether or not its sheltered * Females lay 1 egg at the end of a brooding chamber, & may lay as many as 6 over their short life spans…

On being a sand wasp…:

On being a sand wasp… You are born in a sand dune You are alone but Mom brings you a lot of flies Your worst enemy is the tachina fly, an opportunistic insect which usually successfully kills its host. You grow as a very hungry larvae to a cocoon stage after which you emerge, dry your wings, call for a mate, & start the whole lifecycle over again.

Answering the call…:

Answering the call… *Israel had turned from God; the Midianites became His rod of correction *After 7 years of oppression, God calls one unassuming “normal” man to step up & lead Jud 6:14 *32,000 answered his call; 300 were chosen…& a hero is “born”

After the victory, Gideon, the hero…:

After the victory, Gideon, the hero… Strengths: Even though Gideon was slow to believe, once convinced of God's power, he was a loyal follower who obeyed the Lord's instructions &was a natural leader of men. He led in 40 years of peace. Weaknesses: 1. In the beginning, Gideon's faith was weak & needed proof from God. He showed great doubt toward the Rescuer of Israel. 2. Gideon made an ephod from Midianite gold, which became an idol to his people. 3. He also took a foreigner for a concubine, fathering a son who turned evil.

Some thoughts… :

Some thoughts… Gideon was a good leader Judges 8:23 The golden ephod was a mistake… Ophrah rather than Shiloh became the place of worship & inquiring of the Lord… Judges 8:27 This gift to his city eventually led to the downfall of his family, his city, and brought idolatry back to Israel itself

Count the cost…:

Count the cost… In an effort to continue to follow God, but in his own way, Gideon brought destruction to the very people he sought to protect… As we try to help & give to others, let us remember point to the Lord, look to the future, plead for wisdom, & make our efforts fit His design~not ours… Withholding a gift that would hurt the one who might receive it.

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