Decisiveness Lesson 3 Devoting All My Energy Towards Right Actions


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When we choose to devote ourselves to an action, we should give it 100% of our energies, especially when we know the action is a right action, even if others do not.


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Decisiveness~ Lesson 3 Devoting All My Energy to A Right Course of Action :

Decisiveness~ Lesson 3 Devoting All My Energy to A Right Course of Action Character Sketches, Vol. 1 IBLP, 1986, pages 352-363 Information also drawn from CharacterFirst !, as well as various Character Council & other informational websites   Proverbs 14:12   There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death

Who Am I?:

Who Am I? In Nature… Males are called boars, females are sows & little ones are kits Live mostly in prairies & grasslands Primarily carnivorous From Scripture… A childless young widow Evidently changed her religion Became part of the line of Christ

The Badger:

The Badger A member of the weasel family A fierce fighter with few natural enemies Unpredictable in response to threats, it may fight or retreat to the burrow Long strong claws allow for speed digs An adult gets about 2’ long & 6” ‘thick’ They can weigh from 7-26 pounds!

Range & Habitat:

Range & Habitat *wide range, treeless if possible *omnivores in search of food; can “work” with coyotes & foxes * tend to be loners *loose skin, thick hair, protective muscle sheath *able to kill dogs 4x their size *once hunted for skin & hair (think shaving brushes…)

On being a badger….:

On being a badger…. Burrows are your best friend… both for home & for food! (rodents, rabbits & roots!) Huge homes (up to 300’ long & 6’ deep) You have 2 kits in May or June which stay ‘til maturity, leaving around September. Mom is the main teacher.

Decisive with 100% energy…:

Decisive with 100% energy… Hunting, fighting, retreating, & accurately gauging the situation … Like the badger, our main enemy is man… usually our own flesh, & like the badger we face the predator that is the enemy of our souls who seeks to bite, ensnare, destroy & kill us, like the wolf attacks the badger. We must twist in our skins & fight back, & know when to retreat to Zion’s refuge…

She devoted herself to her adopted family…:

She devoted herself to her adopted family… When she could have gone back home, she chose a new home & faced an uncertain future with love, grace & a quiet determination She gave all her energy to her widowed mother-in-law…

Moving to a semi-hostile land…:

Moving to a semi-hostile land… lived during the time of the Judges of Israel (perhaps when ‘every man did what was right in his own eyes’, therefore the famine? ) & during a period of peace between  Israel & Moab was from Moab & met Naomi there When God showed favor to Israel Naomi returned to Bethlehem Ruth followed for love of Naomi

Protecting the widows & children:

Protecting the widows & children Poverty laws ~ Harvest time, when even the poorest, if industrious, could have food Lev 19:9-10 Ruth obtained permission…& the owner happened to be a relative of Elimelech … ‘Widow laws’ ~ Widows were expected to be taken care of by family… if childless, to be married to the next closest male relative with the hope of producing a male heir to continue the family name & land ownership

Naomi persuades Ruth to reach out to her trusted kinsman redeemer…:

Naomi persuades Ruth to reach out to her trusted kinsman redeemer… Ruth would approach Boaz as a “stand in” for Naomi Naomi could no longer have children, but Ruth could… But, what about the 1 st next of kin?

The love story of the Bible…:

The love story of the Bible… Devotion Commitment Kindness Redemption When we devote all our energies to a right choice, when we have single hearts & clean motives, God rewards us beyond an expectation of just earthly blessings…

The Family Tree:

The Family Tree Note~ Boaz’s mother was Rahab , the harlot of Jericho! Matt 1:5

Some last thoughts…:

Some last thoughts… There is a way which seemeth right …, but… Prov 14:12

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