Orderliness Lesson3 Removing Items that Could Hinder Achievement


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Living Lessons on Orderliness Removing Items That Could Hinder Achievement:

Living Lessons on Orderliness Removing Items That Could Hinder Achievement Character Sketches, Vol. 1 IBLP, 1986, pages 252-263 Information also drawn from CharacterFirst ! & various Character Council & other websites Lesson 3 2 Corinthians 10:5   Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and  bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

Who Am I?:

Who Am I? In Nature… Sociable Nests in colonies The young have a high mortality rate From Scripture… Turned his kingdom from wickedness Lead in the destruction of a “holy idol” Reversed his father’s policies of appeasing enemy kings

The Black-headed Gull:

The Black-headed Gull

Gulls are all over the place!!!:

Gulls are all over the place!!! Native populations Visitor populations

Part of a large group of sea birds… :

Part of a large group of sea birds… *1 of 6 gull species found in N America *about 14-15” long *nest@2-3’ apart in colonies of thousands *may allow other non-predators to nest *average life=25 years


Habits… * Can eat up to 1/3 its body weight * Walks backwards to catch live food, & uses heights to break into hard shelled critters * Has a wide mouth & expandable gullet * Eats anything & everything ~ scavengers * A “garbage collector” & “sanitation specialist…its gastric juices can even dissolve fish hooks!

Protection by removing hindrances…:

Protection by removing hindrances… * Nest placement reduces predator attacks… we need to consider where we “nest” & with whom we consort (egg eating is not uncommon among all birds….) Are your friends egg eaters??? *Clean the nest & dump things that may attract predators~ physical, mental, moral & otherwise: computer sites, music, dress, stuff we own, organizations, etc. * We are defined as much by our enemies as our friends… what stands have you taken?

Cleaning house…:

Cleaning house… 2 Kings 15:1-6 A son, who at 25, took over a kingdom in shambles… who saw & removed stumbling blocks his people revered…

Ahaz, a bad man, a bad king…:

Ahaz , a bad man, a bad king… The state of Judah was a target of Israel & Syria as a staging area to fight off the Assyrians Ahaz became a vassal of Assyria when he turned to that nation to fight off his other enemies, even though turning to heathen kings for help was strictly forbidden by God

The expanse of the Assyrians….:

The expanse of the Assyrians….

Ahaz dies, Hezekiah takes over…:

Ahaz dies, Hezekiah takes over… Re-opens the doors to the Lord’s house… Orders the priests to sanctify themselves & clean up the Lord’s house … 2 Chron 29:3-4 Calls his people & offers sacrifices in joy & to honor the Lord … 2 Chron 29:20-36 Destroyed the groves… 2 Chron 31:1

Why did the bronze serpent have to be destroyed?:

Why did the bronze serpent have to be destroyed? What once held a powerful spiritual meaning had become an idol… What items or traditions do we/you hold that have been moved from a spiritual power to an idol?

How do we apply all this? :

How do we apply all this? * This is a strong human trait… we tend to move from relationship to habit…. Like a married couple that no longer talks or connects, but still lives in the same house… * Application!!! Be critical ~ take inventory… What traditions/habits have a form of godliness but no power? Destroy that dead thing & go back to basics…

Last thoughts ~ dump the hindrances, get back to basics & come home to your first love…:

Last thoughts ~ dump the hindrances, get back to basics & come home to your first love…

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