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Lesson 11 of our Look to Creation Series compares the defensive mechanism of a common reptile and the defensive measures a warrior of Israel was forced to take when he found himself in overwhelming danger...


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Living Lessons on Courage Applying My Resources Creatively When Facing Overwhelming Odds…:

Living Lessons on Courage Applying My Resources Creatively When Facing Overwhelming Odds… Character Sketches, Vol. 1 IBLP, 1986, pages 140-151 Information also drawn from CharacterFirst ! & various Character Council & other websites Lesson 2 Psalm 118:8-9 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.

Who Am I?:

Who Am I? In Nature… This reptile, when faced with danger… Hisses loudly, expanding its neck Loves toads & eats only what it can wrap its mouth around Is harmless to people, but not to rats & mice From Scripture… w as a military thinker w as being chased by his king Took a risk in visiting an enemy

The Eastern Hognosed Snake:

The Eastern Hognosed Snake These are harmless reptiles that do not bother people, but will strike & leave a painful bite if deviled too much. It gets its name from its hard, upturned snout, which is used to dig in the soil & leaf litter.

Growing up hognose…:

Growing up hognose… Eastern hognose snakes first mate when they are around two years old. They mate in the spring. A female lays 15-25 eggs in a depression in sandy soil or under a rock or log. The eggs incubate for 1-2 months before hatching…

The hognose snake lifestyle…:

The hognose snake lifestyle… In Winter, hognose snakes hibernate by burrowing into the soil, or by making a den out of an old woodchuck, skunk, or fox burrow. Predators of hognose snakes include: hawks, owls, Red Fox, Virginia Opossum, and other snake predators.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Eastern Hognose Snakes are predators & eat a large variety of critter, although toads are their favorites. They also eat frogs, small mammals, birds, bird eggs, insects, lizards, smaller snakes, reptile eggs, & carrion & thereby control vermin populations.


Habitat This snake is found in woodlands with sandy soil, fields, farmland, & coastal areas, & it is active during the day.

PowerPoint Presentation:

It can be yellow, brown, gray, black, olive, or even orange & often has large rectangular spots & blotches down its back & sides, but can also be a solid black or gray in color. It usually has a gray, cream, or yellow belly The underside of its tail is lighter than its belly.

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It has large rear fangs on the back of its upper jaw that produce a mild toxin.

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This snake, sometimes called the puff adder, has a remarkable self-defense system … They first rattle the leaves about them & hiss fiercely, inflating their necks to look larger… If looking tough doesn't work, they play dead, rolling over, opening its mouth with its tongue hanging out, staying limp. If turned over, the snake will flop right back & “stay” dead. ..

So what do we learn from a snake in the grass?:

So what do we learn from a snake in the grass? Harmless to humans, these odd snakes are also most beneficial; they control vermin & prefer to not bother or be bothered… As Christians, we would do well to be do what needs to be done with an effort to be harmless…

A military leader on the run….:

A military leader on the run…. 1 Samuel 21 Some familiar names & terms… Saul, Doeg , David, Abiathar , the sword of Goliath…

David's escape from Saul:

David's escape from Saul He first fled to Samuel at Ramah, then back to Gibeah to say good-bye to Jonathan, then to Nob, where he received food & Goliath's sword from the priest, & then finally to Gath in Philistine territory.

The seeming last resort…:

The seeming last resort… David was tired, hunted, and bearing the weight of protecting his men. The killing of the priests caused him to take a desperate measure to get out of Saul’s reach… he ran to Goliath’s home. Why Gath??? Remember…he was known & had Goliath’s sword with him…

Questions to consider…:

Questions to consider… Why didn’t David just overthrow Saul? 1 Sam 24:6 1 Sam 26:8-11 Was he betraying his own people by surrendering to one of their enemies? Fast forward  1 Sam 27:8-12 Was his act of insanity cowardice or courage? Or was it a realization he’d put himself in harm’s way, & he used the Philistine fears of evil spirits to extricate himself???

A risk that almost backfired:

A risk that almost backfired David was depressed & definitely feared for his life… The enemy of my enemy is my friend… Problem… David had lost faith in the promises of God Achish & company evidently did not know Saul was trying to kill him….Ps.34:1

When we lose faith…:

When we lose faith… Jonathan & David bolstered each other in dealing with King Saul… David on his own trusted now in lies, both to the priests & now to Achish … Finally, he had to use his wits to keep from being killed by the Philistine guards… like the hognosed snake, he had to “play dead” to avoid the threat. Psalm 34:1


Remember…. We each have a purpose & a mission. Trust that He will bring it to pass… Even when we royally mess up, & we get a massive humbling, if we accept our situation, get in our Cave of Adullam , & cry out to God, all is not lost. He will still love & use us.

So, what is our “take away”?:

So, what is our “take away”? Be strong and of a good courage , fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Deut 31:6 The LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate. Psalm 34:22

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