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Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle through Diet and Exercise : 

Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle through Diet and Exercise By Anonymous

Resolution : 

Overall resolution is to have a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise: 1. Quit Binge Eating Eat Healthier Foods Maintaining Exercise Routine 2. My husband will be a key player 3. Meetings will be Fridays at 8pm Resolution

Resolution Continued : 

4. Monitor Changes 5 days a week 5. Collection of data will take place once a week 6. Progress will be monitored daily 7. Storyboard will begin in a week Resolution Continued

Improvement Teams : 

Members Include: Husband Sisters Co-Workers Improvement Teams

Process Owner Survey Form (Husband) : 

1. Do you share food with this person on a regular basis? 2. Do you have joint responsibility for maintaining a household? 3. Do you need to consider this person’s timetable when you are deciding on the best time to exercise or eat food? 4. Does this person help you in carrying out daily living activities? 5. Can this person’s decisions affect time, equipment, sports clothes, or other resources needed for your exercise? 6. Does this person’s decisions affect what options are available to you for food or exercise? 7. Do you see each other on a daily basis? 8. Does this person affect how and when you socialize with others? 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. Yes 7. Yes 8. Yes Process Owner Survey Form (Husband)

Daily Data Collection : 

Daily Data Collection Binge Eating Exercise Routine What foods were eaten during each meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Exercise during the week: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

List of Routines : 

List of Routines

List of Routines Continued : 

List of Routines Continued

Cycle Map/Weekday : 

Cycle Map/Weekday

Cycle Map/Weekend : 

Cycle Map/Weekend

3 Solutions to Reach Goal : 

Parking in Back of Parking Lot Schedule gym on calendar Preparing Meals on the Weekend 3 Solutions to Reach Goal

Binge Eating Data : 

Binge Eating Data

Ratio and UCL : 

Using Post Intervention Data R=number of day that I binged/number of days that I didn’t binge R=4/16 Ratio=.25 UCL=Ratio + 3 * (Ratio*(1+Ratio)).5 UCL=0.25+3*(0.25*(1.25))^0.5 UCL=1.927050983 Ratio and UCL

Control Chart : 

Days that I Binged: Control Chart

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