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Virtual Essay Topic Presentation Dustin Largo Professor Go June 14, 2012

Do you support gay marriage?:

Do you support gay marriage? Against Many religious groups and supporters want to ban same sex marriage. The sanctity of marriage should be protected. The Bible prohibits the union of same sex couples. Pro Many celebrities have “Come Out” or are in support of gay marriage. If the sanctity of marriage needs to be protected, ban divorce. The Bible prohibits the eating of shellfish and working on Sunday among other things.

Propaganda Supporting Gay Marriage:

Propaganda Supporting Gay Marriage

Celebrities that have “Come Out”:

Celebrities that have “Come Out”

People that support gay marriage:

People that support gay marriage

Propaganda Against Gay Marriage:

Propaganda Against Gay Marriage

People that are against gay marriage:

People that are against gay marriage


Conclusion Some variables to consider are: Will gay marriage affect traditional values? Will the rate of gay marriage rise if approved? Will the government afford the same rights? Will more men or more women disapprove of gay marriage? Who support gay marriage? The younger generation or the older generation? Is everyone informed fairly(education level, social class)?

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