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Hi this is the INTRO.. of a project INFOMASTER done by me & my team members


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hey man can u pls send me this ppt to i raelly require this for my project. it will help me alot p

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A. Mehtab Yasmin B. Ranjith V. Sangeetha P. Priyadharshini J. Jayaranjani Staff Guide M .Saravanan, B.E.,

Introduction… : 

Introduction… INFOMASTER is used to maintain the personal details of a user like schedules, contacts and his / her daily records. It will automatically display the personal schedules of a user using reminder in the desktop. INFOMASTER also maintains the details of various persons in ‘Contact manager’ which can be accessed by giving the correct username and password. We can maintain our personal details as a record in ‘Digital diary’.

Objective : 

Objective The main aim of our project “INFOMASTER” is to develop a system that maintains the appointments details, personal schedules and personal contacts of a user. Our system maintains the schedules of the user, personal contacts, Day to day records and provides necessary information of our schedules then and there as a reminder in the desktop automatically.

Modules : 

Modules Digital Diary Schedule Manager Contact Manager Reminder

Schedule Manager : 

Used to maintain our future appointments and schedules in a Schedule diary . Important schedules can be taken to Reminder which displays automatically based on the user timings. INPUTS given… Name of the Schedule SUBJECT Date & Timings Place Reminder text, reminder timings & alarm Finally we are updating our new schedules Schedule Manager

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No separate form This is the child of the schedule manager INPUTS given… Reminder message Reminder timings Reminder alarm

Digital Diary : 

Digital Diary We can add our day to day records We can maintain our account details Memorable events, further informations like our daily income and expenditure can be included Automatically appears when we shutdown the system for remembering us to enter our records

Contact Manager : 

Contact Manager Contact manager is used to maintain our personal contacts with all details of a person like name, date of birth, email ID, detail address including their photos. These personal contacts are password protected. Group contacts can also be maintained in this contact manager. In the case of maintaining many contacts we can easily track the particular person with his/her name with his photo. This makes the user comfortable to trace any record easily with the help of name and his photo.

Security Features : 

Security Features Each user account is protected with a password and a master code Any user can backup his account and it is possible to restore the account using his password and master code in other PC

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