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The design for manufacturing can help you to apply the designs made to develop an electronic device. Here you do not want to lose since you can simply make it considerably and see it working. If you feel that the working is similar to your creativity, you can boldly go for manufacturing. For Design for Manufacturing Contact us on our website:


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intelligent software pleasant work Design for Manufacturing Intelligent DFx analysis

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 Predict defect opportunity increase manufacturing quality and reduce cost IPC research: 80 defects could be found and resolved at NPI stage. With DFx consideration: Increase process difficulty steps rapid solder/assembly defects increase rework rate and work loading lower work efficiency and increase manufacturing cost Why DFx: predict/solve process issue

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 Concurrent engineering reduce prototyping times shorten time-to- market Concurrent design process Product design challenge Fast product replacement High density smaller Difficult to transfer knowledge training new people Why DFx: reduce design cycle

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 DFM automation software theory Based on design data interacts with entity parts library respects to rich industry standard to design manufacturing intelligent simulate/analysis prior to manufacturing find out defects risk of design at the first time  Traditional manual method  Check one by one manual  Can’t do comprehensive check  Low work efficiency long cycle  Invisible report for communication  Long cycle time to market  DFM Expert software  Comprehensive check of PCB  Quick to final result  Cover design fabrication assembly  Improve DFM capability quickly No DFM software Manual check 2 weeks With Vayo Professional DFM analysis software Save DFM Automation Software

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 Check rules: 300 items  Check content  Signal layer  Silkscreen layer  Solder mask layer  Solder paste layer  Drill  … DFM Expert Scope: PCB Fabrication

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 Under SQL Database  Actual geometry/dimension data of part body enables the possible for virtual PCBA  Based on datasheet  Support multiple shape Rectangle/Circle…  Multi-layers body  Detailed pin info. Shape size direction location …  2D 3D View  Fastest part creation approach among the industry  Intelligent capture info. from CAD Rich Component Entity Library

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Thanks intelligent software pleasant work

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