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HOW TO USE VASAYO BELEZA LIPOSOMAL SKINCARE SYSTEM 818 305-4669 Amanda: Hey guys. Im Amanda. Today Im excited to show you my daily skincare routine using these three products Beleza by Vasayo. Amanda: First thing I like to do when I start off in the morning is just wash my skin off with some warm water and then I pat it dry with a clean towel. Then getting to the exciting part I like to grab my Beleza serum. This stuff is amazing because it just really tightens up my skin smooths the lines under my eyes any wrinkles we know thats important. Amanda: I like to take this and I will just put a pump of that onto my finger and then I will gently apply this underneath my eyes. I really like this just because its refreshing it feels cooling. Just be gentle with it massage it underneath. Again Ill do this twice a day first thing in the morning when I wake up and right before I go to bed. Amanda: Again Ill take the serum and I will do two or three pumps onto my hands and I love to just massage this into the rest of my skin into my forehead. What is amazing about this is that it really just creates kind of an environment for your skin to help it accept the great nutrients inside the serum. Ill do this twice a day morning and night. Once thats completely absorbed youre ready for the next step. Amanda: Now Ill take the Beleza Rejuvenating Cream. This stuff gives my skin the most youthful glow. Its amazing. I just have the most bouncy skin. Ill just take this and put a pump onto my finger. I like to just again massage this into my skin into my forehead. It feels really nice. But the amazing thing about this is that it has this ingredient called Reproage and basically it tells your skin to just kind of turn off the aging process so to speak. Its pretty amazing. Not only that I like to use this on my elbows Ill apply it to my arms my feet anywhere that gets a little dry or scaly. Ill do that morning and night again.

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Amanda: Once Im done with that the last but not least my favorite is the Beleza Hydrating Mist. Now this stuff not only can you use it as a makeup setting spray so Ill just apply it to my face close my eyes and my neck. Not only does it smell really nice but this helps protect against pollutants in the air and the blue light that comes from your phones and your tablets thats very damaging to your skin. It helps protect from that. Also my boyfriend sometimes likes to steal it and he just uses it as a refreshing aftershave. Its a win for both of us. Ill just throw this thing into my bag carry it with me and apply it throughout the day just as needed. Amanda: There you have it. Thats my entire routine. Three simple steps to youthful glowing tight beautiful skin with Beleza products by Vasayo.

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