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BELEZA BY VASAYO LIPOSOMAL SKINCARE 818 305-4669 Speaker 1: Introducing a complete line of skincare products that dont just hydrate but deliver nutrients deep into the epidermal layer for health boosting results that are simply remarkable. Beleza a revolutionary line of skincare products each based on our liposomal technology to firm and tighten skin switch off the aging process and leave you with that beautiful youthful glow. Speaker 1: The Beleza three step process begins with the use of our liposomal serum morning and night which tightens and smooths out skin and reduces puffy eyes and dark circles while promoting collagen production. Next apply Beleza rejuvenating cream to your face and forehead to switch off the biological process that leads to aging with this skin reprogramming formulation. Its also great for dry hands arms legs and feet for healthy vitalized glowing skin. Finish with Beleza hydrating mist for hydration that also protects from harmful pollutants toxins and blue light exposure from electronic devices that accelerate the signs of aging. Speaker 1: With a product so special we knew we needed to partner up with the worlds leading manufacturer of cosmetics and we are proud to share an exclusive partnership with Lipotec the global leader in the pioneering of liposomal skincare solutions. The entire Beleza product line was created in their state of the art facility in Barcelona Spain home of some of the worlds most prestigious cosmetic brands. This partnership with Lipotec ensures the highest quality cutting edge active ingredients thatll deliver on our goal to provide the worlds finest liposomal products. The result is superior nutrition for firm beautiful and healthy skin like youve never experienced before with Beleza by Vasayo.

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