Abstract and Concrete Nouns.

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Abstract : 

Abstract No material/physical existence. Existing only in thought or as an idea.

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Kindness is a very noble thing. Everybody wants to live in comfort. The race started at 5 PM. My sympathy is always with you. Carpentry is a useful craft.

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Kindness – Quality Comfort – States Race – Action Sympathy – Feelings Carpentry – Crafts Photography – Skills. Mathematics – Subject Painting – Art


ABSTRACT NOUNS Abstract nouns is something that can't be sensed by our five senses smell touch hear see taste


ABSTRACT NOUNS Idea Art Qualities Subjects States

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Concepts, thought, theory, doctrine, condition, states, art, feelings, skills, subjects, qualities. We cannot touch them, but we can feel them or think about them.

Formed from : 

Formed from Verbs Adjectives Nouns Subjects Science Time Day Morning, evening, night, dawn, dusk etc Admit – Admission. Able – Ability Poet – Poetry Astronomy Chemistry Past,present,future. Monday Part of the day.

Here bravery is an abstract noun. : 

Here bravery is an abstract noun. When Peter ran into the burning hut to rescue a baby, his bravery amazed the parents and other villagers standing on the road.

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Bravery has no color, size, shape, sound, odor, flavor, or texture; it has no quality that you can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch. Any noun that escapes your five senses is an abstract noun.

Concrete Nouns : 

Concrete Nouns Many nouns are concrete, not abstract. Concrete Nouns register on your five senses.

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Joseph cuddled the wet puppy under his warm jacket. Puppy is an example of a concrete noun. You can see a puppy, stroke its fur, smell its breath, and listen to it whine. Because a puppy will register on all five senses, puppy is a concrete noun.

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