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List of innovations by albert einstein. To learn more science related stuffs, join us.


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Important Dates:

Important Dates Born:- 14 March 1879, Ulm, Germany. Died :-   18 April 1955, Princeton Medical Center at Plainsboro, New Jersey, United States.


INVENTIONS Quantum Theory of light Einstein’s quantum theory of light proposed that light is composed of small packets of energy called photons that have wave-like properties. In this theory he also explained the emission of electrons from some metals they’re struck by lightning – this was called the photoelectric effect .


INVENTIONS E = MC 2 He demonstrated the link between mass and energy that led to the nuclear energy today .


INVENTIONS Brownian Movement This could by far be the best Albert Einstein discoveries, where his observation of the zigzag movement particles in suspension, helped to prove the existence of atoms and molecules. And we all know how fundamental this discovery is to almost every branch of science today.


INVENTIONS Special Theory of Relativity This Einstein theory helped to explain that time and motion are relative to their observers, as long as the speed of light remains constant and natural laws are the same throughout the universe .


INVENTIONS General Theory of Relativity Einstein proposed that gravity is a curved field in the space-time continuum created by the existence of mass.


INVENTIONS Manhattan project Albert Einstein created the Manhattan Project, a research supported by the U.S., that led to the development of the atomic bomb in 1945.However , after learning the destruction the atomic bomb did in Japan during World War 2, Einstein was known to be campaigning for a ban on nuclear weaponry.


INVENTIONS Einstein’s Refrigerator This may be one of the least known inventions that Einstein is famous for today. Einstein developed a refrigerator design that used ammonia, water, and butane, and required almost no energy to work. Considering the energy demands of the world, companies may realize the importance of cooling & refrigeration without energy, and develop this concept further in the near future.


INVENTIONS Law of Photoelectric Effect Einstein's Explanation Of Photoelectric Effect. The photoelectric effect is a phenomenon where electrons are emitted from the metal surface when the light of sufficient frequency is incident upon. ... This implies that the kinetic energy of electrons increases with light intensity .

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