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This Presentation is all introduction Digital Marketing and about SEO . SSDN Technologies One of the best Digital Marketing institute in Gurgaon. Take training from Digital Marketing experts more than 10+ experience.


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WELCOME TO SSDN Technologies

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Introduction Digital Marketing 1. What is Digital Marketing 2. Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing. 3. What is SEO 4. How to do SEO for your website 5. Why should you choose SSDN Technologies to learn Digital Marketing

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What is DIGITAL MARKETING • DIGITAL MARKETING is the marketing or promoting the products via electric devices digital channels or any other digital medium.

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Digital Marketing Channels are the tools which help in growing your buisness

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1. As we all know that the world is becoming Digital and most of the time we spend on social networking sites. If we want to buy something rather than going to the market we directly search it on google and we read the reviews and then buy the product online. 2. From paying our bills to buying new clothes all these things we do online . So one thing is very much clear that products or ads we watch on digital platforms are more catchy to our eyes than the ads we watch on traditional platforms.

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Digital Marketing Traditional Marketing 1. We can reach millions of people through digital media ads. 1. Whereas in Traditional Marketing we can only target local audience. 2. In Digital Marketing you get instant results. Its easy to check out the no. of views on your website and with the help of reviews one can easily find out whether people are liking your product or not. 2. But this is not possible in Traditional Marketing. You have to wait for weeks or months for the result. 3. Advertisment of products on websites or on social media through banners or ads is much cheaper. 3. Cost of Printing newspapers and hoardings are very high.

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SEO means Search Engine Optimization.It is a process to rank your website in first position on SERP Search engine result page. Google algorithms have 200 ranking factors so a SEO works on these 200 ranking factors to achieve top ranks on SERP. What Is SEO

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Why should I join SSDN Technologies for Digital Marketing

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1. Learn Digital Marketing at SSDN Technologies for a better career 2. SSDN Trainers focus on overall developments of their students. 3. We provide 100 job guarantee. 4. Highly skilled trainers are available and high class infrastructure. 5. After completion of full course we provide 3 months paid internship. 6. No need to carry your own laptops. We provide computer system facilities also.

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