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Dr. Tollefson has over 20 years experience in technical and scientific fields. Her Ph.D. and M.S. in statistics are from Iowa State University and her B.A. in physics is from Reed College.Dr. Tollefson's dissertation was on the problem of nonresponse in survey samples.


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Margot Tollefson Ph.D. address: 612 Teneyck Avenue / P.O. Box 286 Stratford Iowa 50249-0286 email: website: phone fax: 515 838-2383 QUALIFICATIONS Proven track record of success with over twenty-one years of varied technical and professional experience that ranges from consulting teaching hands-on statistical analysis and programming to management of personal work efforts requiring planning communication and leadership skills and abilities. Broad-based education. Advanced degrees in statistics. Undergraduate degree in physics. Major course work in economics. Learns new computer languages and systems quickly and easily. Proficient in R. Uses Microsoft Office. Used SAS at ISU. Highly independent work habits employers have trusted her to work with little supervision. EXPERIENCE Owner Vanward Statistics Stratford IA: September 2013 to Present Statistical consultancy. Provides advice on statistical modeling. Doing modeling for research topics. Provides advice on a sampling problems. Uses R. Is starting doing data mining and text analysis. Owner Vanward Statistical Consulting Stratford IA: September 2010 to August 2013 Statistical consultancy: Provided advice on statistical modeling. Did modeling for research topics of interest. Used R. Adjunct Faculty Iowa Central Community College: Fort Dodge IA January 2008 to December 2008 Taught a course in introductory statistics for two semesters Research Assistant part time Iowa State University Ames IA: September 1992 to April 1994 April 1998 to April 1999 and August 1999 to November 1999 Worked for the Statistical Laboratory imputing data for the 1992 Natural Resources Inventory using SAS and creating and running programs for the 1996 National Research Inventory using SAS. Graduate Assistant part time while student Iowa State University Ames IA August 1983 to July 1992 with two semester long breaks 13 semesters as Laboratory Assistant working with students 3 semesters as Research Assistant working with the Nuclear Engineering Department and 3 semesters as a Research Assistant working on the theory behind variance estimation for the imputation of the 1992 National Resources Inventory. Research Associate Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge MA: February 1981 to July 1983 Ran experiments in an aerosol laboratory which were environmentally related to coal consumption. Some FORTRAN and BASIC programming. Statistician Oscar Mayer Perry IA: June 1984 to August 1984 Modeled worker performance and wrote program on BASIC to evaluate worker performance based on sampling the work of the employees. Research Assistant Aerodyne Research Inc. Bedford MA: March 1979 to November 1980 Mainly ran computer programs for analyzing atmospheric transmissions. Also modeled three dimensional problems. Some FORTRAN programming.

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Worker Boston Survey Consultants Boston MA: September 1977 to August 1978 Worked on the survey crew making prints sorting files and going to courthouses for records. Scientific Aide Environmental Protection Agency Corvallis OR: June 1976 to November 1976 Ran seawater samples on an atomic absorption spectrophotometer to detect trace amounts of Cr. EDUCATION Ph.D. Statistics Iowa State University Ames Iowa - 1992 Thesis: Variance Estimation under Random Imputation M.S. Statistics Iowa State University Ames Iowa - 1985 B.A. Physics Reed College Portland Oregon - 1974 Continuing Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge Massachusetts - 1982-83 6 semester hours mathematics Harvard University C.C.E. Cambridge Massachusetts - 1980-83 36 semester hours statistics economics 24 hours in economics Northeastern University Lincoln College Boston Massachusetts - 1979-80 12 quarter hours mathematics and computer science PRESENTATIONS "Variance Estimation for Samples with Random Imputation." American Statistical Associations Joint Meet- ings Boston 1992. PUBLICATIONS Tollefson M. 2015. Conservative confidence intervals for the hypergeometric distribution using R. International Researchers 4 3 Tollefson M. 2014. R Quick Syntax Reference. Apress. New York NY. Tollefson M. 2007. Art and science: finding their complementary tools in a chart. Dell Horoscope. 73 3 67-68 102. Tollefson M. 2005. Some statistical tests on facial expressions. ISAR International Astrologer: Exploring Research and Astrology Volume Two - Research Studies. 33 3 63-67. Tollefson M. 1995. The Boulder "A" index isnt the way: a Ph.D. in statistics looks at our Boulder "A" index study. Low Band Monitor 3 1. Tollefson M. 1995. Testing for seventh house rulership using the Gauquelin heredity data set The Schneider-Gauquelin Research Journal: Astro-Psychological Problems 11 18-19. Tollefson M. and Fuller W. A. 1992. Variance estimation for samples with random imputation. Proceed- ings of the Section on Survey Research Methods 15th ed. American Statistical Association. Alexandria VA. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS American Statistical Association Mu Sigma Rho International Society for Astrological Research American Federation of Astrologers National Council on Geocosmic Research Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency INTERESTS Survey sampling multivariate analysis analysis of count data time series and analysis of economic data expanding into data mining and text analysis.

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