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This set of presentation is for a person who wants to speak English fluently. Each set of presentation explains a part in grammar as used; any Language is from the speaker’s point of view (emotion) and sometimes do not conform to the grammar rules as in written language. This is the first step to understand how our English is so different from the native speaker.


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Teachers Notes : 

Teachers Notes By VanSight

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Teachers Notes : 

Teachers Notes Introduction Presentation Contents Using the Presentations Preview Slides Section Opener Slides Chart Slides Let’s Practice Slides Acknowledgments 3 Contents

Introduction : 

Introduction Welcome to the Using English Grammar These PowerPoint presentations provide visual aids to use in class. There is one presentation for each chapter in the Activity book. Each chapter contains new content for every grammar explanation, including an array of examples, images, and exercise types designed to further illustrate each point. 4

Presentation contents : 

Presentation contents Each presentation contains a set of slides for each section of the chapter. Each set of slides is made up of three different types of slides that deal with the grammar point in that section. Section Opener slide – offers an example Chart slides – explore chart components Let’s Practice slides – provide interaction possibilities Several chapters also contain an additional type of slide. Preview slides - provide introductory material 5

Using Presentation : 

Using Presentation Presentations, sections, and individual slides can be used sequentially or in any order desired. Within every presentation, the Contents slide serves as a menu system to provide quick movement from one section of the chapter to another. A hop back to the Contents slide from any other slide is accomplished with the button. 6

Preview Slides : 

Preview Slides Give students in-formal practice with the Chapter target structure. 7

Section open slides : 

Section open slides Precede each grammar point. Focus attention and encourage discussion of the grammar point. 8

Chart Slides : 

Chart Slides Follow the content of the charts in the Activity Book. Break grammar point in to suitable portion. Boxes contain the grammar explanation 9

Let’s Practice slides : 

Let’s Practice slides Provide a wide range of exercise types. Can be done orally or in writing; alone, in pairs, small groups, or as a whole class. 10

Acknowledgements : 

Acknowledgements 11 All the pictures used are copy right photos of corbis. All the clip arts are from Microsoft.

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