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Juror number (5) has expert power because he grew up in a rough, poor part of town where stabbings were common. He was able to offer knowledgeable insight on how someone would use a switchblade knife, thereby able to persuade and influence the other members decision. 12 Angry Men Expert Power Click to watch video

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12 Angry Men Dramatic Conclusion Click to watch video Juror (3)’s coercive style of leadership proves to be ineffective in this situation and draws to a dramatic conclusion of him voting “not guilty”; because, he’s failed to convince the other jurors to vote guilt. Also, we see that the emergent leader, juror (7) continues to demonstrate his concern for everyone’s wellbeing.

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In the final analysis the juror vote went from 11-1 guilty to there being enough reasonable doubt that swung the juror vote total to 0-12 not guilty, which resulted in the defendant not being convicted of murder. As you will note from the picture that the movie ends with juror number (7) leaving the building and juror number (3) in the background leaving totally dejected. 12 Angry Men The End Juror #3

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