Valerie Topete Traits You Need To Be A Bike Courier

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Valerie Topete has been a bike courier for more than seven years and has built a reputation for speed and reliability.


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Valerie Topete Traits You Need To Be A Bike Courier Valerie Topete has been a bike courier in New York City since 2008 and has established herself as one of the quickest and safest riders around. This is why she has been entrusted to deliver countless important documents and packages during her career. She has noted that the best bike couriers all possess a number of common traits that ensure they make their deliveries quickly and effectively.


Valerie Topete Mistakes To Avoid As A Novice Cyclist Though she is now an experienced cyclist, having worked as a bike courier for Mercury Rising since 2011, prior to which she spent a number of years as a freelancer, Valerie Topete still remembers the blunders that many new cyclists make when they first start riding. These mistakes will all have an effect on the quality of your cycling and may even lead to injuries being sustained in some cases.


Valerie Topete Tips For Making Fast Deliveries As a bike courier, Valerie Topete must be capable of delivering important packages and documents to their locations quickly, else she will lose custom to the many other couriers in New York City. Her skills led to her being named the Top Rider at Mercury Rising in 2015 and these pointers should help anybody who works as a courier make much quicker deliveries.


Valerie Topete Tips For Novice Photographers When she is not busy working as a bike courier in New York City, Valerie Topete likes to spend her time taking photographs and she has a particular talent for capturing images of people in candid moments. While practically anybody can take a photograph, it takes a certain level of skill to capture an image that is capable of enchanting people. These tips should help any novices who are interested in developing their talents.


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