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What is the difference between Dry-type and oil-cooled transformer A transformer is a frequently used device which takes high voltage directly from a power station as input and transforms it into lower voltage as output so that the electrical and electronic equipments are not getting damaged because for high voltage or frequent voltage fluctuations. There are different types of transformers are present. Vajra Transpower one of the leading ​transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad manufactures different types of transformers including 5 mva transformer oil cooled transformer dry type transformer 10 MVA Wind Power turbine transformer etc. But we are a top-rated dry type transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad as well as oil-cooled distribution transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad. So let’s find out the basic difference between these two types of transformers. To keep the appliance safe the generated heat in the transformer must be dissipated. In the dry type transformer the air is used as a cooling medium and an oil-cooled transformer the liquid is used as a coolant agent. Although both of the transformers have the same end result there are several differences between these two. Maintenance: As per the maintenance oil-cooled transformers require more maintenance as compared to dry type transformer. As leading 40KVA oil-cooled power transformer manufacturer and ​125KVA oil-cooled power transformer manufacturer ​ we test the oil before use for the sake of the contamination whereas dry-type transformers are very much resistant to chemical contaminations. Costs Initial and Operating: Dry-type transformers have significantly higher operating loss as compared to an oil-cooled transformer. Vajra oil-cooled transformers have a higher standard of energy efficiency. That’s why it results in a higher lifespan than dry type. Noise: Considering a top ​dry type transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad and dry type transformer supplier in Hyderabad our dry type transformer has less noise pollution as compared to oil-cooled transformers. Recyclability: Although we are dry type distribution transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad and also 40KVA oil-cooled power transformer manufacturer we

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are very much concern about the end of life recycling for dry type and oil-cooled transformer. Oil cooled transformers have superior maintainability and operating life producing less waste and require fewer replacements as well as labor. Efficiency: The ​dry type transformer has larger units make them more prone to overheating in case they experience overload. That’s why they have higher electrical and operating losses and also it is more expensive to maintain dry-type power over time. As compare to dry type Oil cooled transformers are smaller and more efficient. Voltage Capabilities: Being the best dry type distribution transformer dealer in Hyderabad our dry-type transformers can handle small to medium MVA and also voltage ratings. It makes them an ideal transformer for smaller applications. Whereas our oil-cooled transformers can handle heavier loads. Location. If we consider where we can locate the two types of transformers the dry type transformer is specified for use in buildings as they are environmentally safer. Dry-type transformers are also less flammable and pose less risk of catching fire. All these facts make the dry type transformer ideal for shopping malls hospitals residential complexes and other commercial areas. Where oil-cooled transformers are used in outdoor locations because of the possibility of oil leakage and can pose a fire risk but these types of transformers are more environmentally friendly. Contact Us: Website: http://www.vajratranspower.com Email: infovajratranspower.com Mobile No: +91-9121685111

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