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Discrepancy in off-the-field Endorsements:

Discrepancy in off-the-field Endorsements Serena Williams vs Maria Sharapova By: Marsha Palmer

Athletic Endorsements:

Athletic Endorsements A n endorsement is defined as an advertising campaign usually involving a well-known person that uses their fame to promote a product or service athletes provide several important benefits to advertising: – such as increasing brand name recognition, – creating positive associations by transferring different qualities to the product like physical appeal or likeability, – and aiding in the development of distinct brand personalities

Monetary value of Endorsements:

Monetary value of Endorsements I n 2010, U.S companies paid nearly $17.2 billion to leagues, teams, athletes, coaches, and sports personalities to endorse their goods and services. • In addition to endorsement fees, companies may spend another estimated $10 billion to advertise, market, and promote their association to these athletes. • According to F orbes magazine, the top 10 earners in sports during 2009 took in a total of $476 million, largely from product endorsements .

Tennis: Serena Williams vs Maria Sharapova:

Tennis: Serena Williams vs Maria Sharapova

The discrepancy in Endorsement Earnings:

The discrepancy in Endorsement Earnings Serena Williams hails as the #1 (top) female athlete in the world of tennis (singles ranking) according to WTA. Maria Sharapova holds the fourth behind of Serena in singles ranking Williams’ career WTA earnings: $69,528,369—almost double that of Sharapova at $35,059,407 . However, it is Sharapova who makes the most money in off the field endorsements In 2014, she was listed as Forbes’ highest paid female athlete, earning $24.4 million. Serena earned $22 million .

Top 10 Highest Earning Tennis Players in 2015 (Table 1) :

Top 10 Highest Earning Tennis Players in 2015 (Table 1) Players Country Endorsement Prize Money Total Earnings Roger Federer Switzerland $52 million $4.2 million $56.2 million Rafael Nadal Spain $30 million $14.5 million $44.5 million Novak Djokovic Serbia $21 Million $12.1 million $33.1 million Maria Sharapova Russia $22 million $2.4 million $24.4 million Li Na China $18 million $5.6 million $23.6 million Serena Williams United States $11 million $11 million $22 million Andy Murray Great Britian $15 million $4.1 million $19.2 million Victoria Azarenka Belarus $7.5 million $3.6 million $11.1 million Kei Nishikori Japan $2 million $9 million $11 million Caroline Wozniacki Denmark $9.5 million $1.3 million $10.8 million

The 15 biggest Athlete Endorsement Deals in Sport History Table #2 :

The 15 biggest Athlete Endorsement Deals in Sport History Table #2 No# Athlete Brand Yearly Total 1 Michael Jordan NIKE $60m Lifetime contract 2 Lebron James NIKE $30m $300m+ over 10 year deal (2008-18) 3 Kevin Durant NIKE $28.5m $285m+ over 10 year deal (2014-24) 4 Cristiano Ronaldo NIKE $21.7m $105m+ over 5 year deal (2014-19) 5 Lionel Messi ADIDAS $20m $140m over 7 year deal 6 Tiger Woods NIKE $20m $100m over 5 year deal (2013-18) 7 Kobe Bryant NIKE $15m $75m over 5 year deal (2014-19) 8 Derrick Rose ADIDAS $14m $185m over 13 year deal (2012-25) 9 Roger Federer NIKE $12m $120m over 10 year deal (2008-17) 10 Neymar Jr NIKE $9.5m $105m over 11 year deal (2012-22) 11 Rafael Nadal NIKE $10m $50m over 5 years deal (2014-18) 12 Dwayne Wade LI NIAN $10m $100m over 10 year deal (2012-21) 13 Damian Lillard ADIDAS $10m $100m 10 year deal (2014-23) 14 Rory Mcllroy NIKE $10m $100m over 10 year deal (2013-22 15 Maria Sharapova NIKE $8.5m $70m over 8 year deal (2010-17)

The Ugly Truth:

The Ugly Truth There is a double standard for male and female athletes; when it comes to men’s sponsorship deals, winning plays a major role, W hen it comes to female athletes, “looks and beauty ” comes first Serena is seen by most as manly and muscular - perceptions of her body are frequently overlaid with racist stereotypes. Sharapova, by contrast, is blond, thin, leggy and has worked as a model – she is generally perceived as beautiful

The Ugly Truth:

The Ugly Truth

Conclusion :

Conclusion The ugly criticism of Serena Williams being masculine and unwomanly speaks volume to the fact that sexism and racism are very much present in America today ; it also speaks to a sorry state of perception on beauty and likability. Social media plays a crucial role in an athletes likability, this interns affects the overall image of a the athlete Corporations will always take into account what their customers consider safe, beautiful and trendy, and as a consequence, they chose the face of their brand with this bias in mind. At the end of the day however, corporations have the right and final say on who gets chosen.

Thank you. :

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