Unethical Marketing to Children

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Unethical Marketing to Children:

Unethical Marketing to Children Matthew Kinnaman


Overview McDonald’s International Bans Tobacco and Underage Smoking Unhealthy Cereals CCFC

Fast Food Marketing :

Fast Food Marketing McDonald’s has faced criticism for marketing toys to children in unhealthy Happy Meals Cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate milk is 700 calories, 27 g of fat, and 1060 mg of sodium M ore than 42 million spent on Happy Meal advertisements targeted to children alone in 2012 They have responded by lowering calories and adding fruit to each meal

McDonald’s Happy Meals:

McDonald’s Happy Meals

International Bans:

International Bans Britain bans advertising unhealthy foods to children under the age of 16 Norway and Sweden ban advertising to children on television Quebec bans all advertising to children Marketers argue this their form of advertising should be protected under freedom of speech

Tobacco Advertising :

Tobacco Advertising Joe the Camel equally as recognizable as Mickey Mouse to children at the age of 6 R.J. Reynolds used Joe Camel advertisements to appeal to children The company denied accusations that they were targeting young people

Tobacco Advertising :

Tobacco Advertising Children are more likely to become addicted if exposed to smoking at an earlier age Federal Trade Commission charged R.J. Reynolds with illegally targeting minors with manipulative forms of advertising Camel was not likely to appeal to older smokers, and would not have the same effect on them They requested that R.J. Reynolds remove the ads and begin a nationwide campaign to educate children on the adverse consequences of smoking

Unhealthy Cereal Marketing :

Unhealthy Cereal Marketing


CCFC Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Mission is to prevent companies from using child-targeted marketing tactics to increase sales Advocates for the removal of advertisements in schools and school buses and seeks to limit commercial access to children They believe marketing to children can have negative consequences such as childhood obesity, materialistic values, eating disorders, family stress, and exposure to media violence


Summary Toys and Unhealthy Happy Meals International Regulation Tobacco Advertising Children’s Cereal Marketing CCFC

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