Sony Company Analysis

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Sony Company Analysis : 

Sony Company Analysis Seth Beach Tiffany Currie Elizabeth Green Anna Marie Sneed

Sony History : 

Sony History Founded May 1946 Name created by combining “Sonus” and “Sonny” 1960, American branch Sonam (Sony Corporation of America) Leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products

SWOT Analysis : 

SWOT Analysis

India : 

India Located in southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea and the Bay of the Bengal 4th thru the 6th centuries emergence of Indian science, art, and culture Diverse economy; population is encompassed through traditional village farming, modern agriculture, and handicrafts Political framework modeled after the British Westminister System major exporter of software services and software workers

India: Marketing Opportunities : 

India: Marketing Opportunities Plans to introduce six new regional language games C510 Cybershot Sony transferring technology for its games from its London studio to India

Thailand : 

Thailand Located in southeast Asia bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand 95% Buddhist Exported products include Tin, Textiles, Fish Products, Rice, Tapioca, Jewelry, Electrical Appliances, Furniture, Plastics Government established constitutional monarchy

Thailand: Marketing Opportunities : 

Thailand: Marketing Opportunities Asset Light Strategy Magnetic Products Thailand Co., Ltd Mobile Electronics Thailand Co., Ltd Semiconductor Thailand Co., Ltd Environmentally Friendly Product Life Cycle Green TV Alpha Centers

Recommendations : 

Recommendations Exonerate Sony Pictures Business sells decreased 11.2% during fiscal yr Financial Services Revenues declined 10.5% Operating income plummeted 73.1% Primary Focus Electronics and Gaming Research and Development Alphatec/Alpha stores

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