McDonalds in Egypt and Greece

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McDonald's In Egypt and Greece : 


Introduction : 

Introduction Started by two brothers: Dick and Mac McDonald of Manchester, New Hampshire 1937 - Opened Airdrome at the airport in Monrovia, California 1940 - Opened there first building calling it McDonald's 1954 – Ray Kroc became a partner to later on buying out the brothers Currently in 2009 – McDonald’s Has locations that stay open 24 hours a day and some that deliver Operates in over 121 countries in 6 continents 31,000 restaurants worldwide Employing more than 1.5 million people Serve more than 47 million customers every day Orlando, Florida is home to the world’s biggest McDonald’s

SWOT Analysis : 

SWOT Analysis Strengths Strong Brand Name and Image 42% of U.S. Fast Food Hamburger Business Overseas Market Strong Financial Statement Cost Advantages Market Versatility Weaknesses Declining Market Share Weak Product Development Disgruntled Franchises Slowed Revenue and Income Growth

SWOT Analysis Continued : 

SWOT Analysis Continued Opportunities International expansion Only serving 1% of the world’s population Growing dining-out market Threats Overstored Industry Strength of Competition More Health Conscious Consumers Changing Demographics Changing Foreign Exchange Rates The Economy

Overview of Egypt : 

Overview of Egypt Located in North Africa One of the most populous countries in Africa and the Middle East; Population: 76 million Famous for its ancient civilizations and monuments Negatives: Failed to resolve socioeconomic issues in the past Little effort made to address corruption issues Widespread poverty and unemployment, high inflation, and a soaring public debt Positives: Strong economic growth and expansion in Cairo recently Great diversity in economy Prosperous development of natural gas resources, creating a competitive advantage

Overview of Greece : 

Overview of Greece Located in the Cycladic Islands off of the coast of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian seas Population: 11 million; 97% Greek Orthodox Known for its architectural designs, art, literature, math, sciences and philosophy Agricultural based country with high import GDP % Positives: Majority of GDP made from large importing sector High tourism and vacation populations year-round Negatives: Possibly facing economic recession due to lack of tourism, budget cuts and corruptive government control One of the poorest countries of the European Union with the second-to-lowest average income Slow economic growth since 2004 and constant political problems with Turkey

McDonald’s in Egypt : 

McDonald’s in Egypt First two McDonalds restaurants opened in Cairo on 20th October 1994 Expanded rapidly; over 50 restaurants and points of sale across the country. More than 90 percent of the raw materials used for McDonald's restaurants in Egypt are sourced locally Over 10,000 Egyptian families work as suppliers and in supporting services Held World Children’s Day campaign in 2008 Introduced 2 themed sandwiches; McAradia and McAfica McAradia was released in Arab countries and in Egypt to stop the boycott on American products in response to the Iraq War McAfica failed due to introduction at a time when Africa was experiencing major shortages

McDonald’s in Greece : 

McDonald’s in Greece First opened in Athens in 1991 48 restaurants in the country, employing over 1,500 people Introduced “McSaracosti Concept” in all Greek restaurants Strong competition with Goody’s Viewed as a luxury with very well kept restaurants Established the Hellenic World Foundation for Children Offers traditional and local McDonald’s cuisine Still offers the original “Fried Apple Pie” McFarm sandwich and Home-style potatoes

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