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Adidas: Brazil and France : 

Adidas: Brazil and France Brandon Mckinley Jackson Moser Gerrod Henderson Jai Nickelberry

Adidas SWOT Analysis : 

Adidas SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Adidas’ age (operating 60 years) Association with Germany Adidas’ size (27,000 employees, Competition from Nike $15.6 bil. revenue, 2007) Financial problems from 1980’s Large market share (16% of global footwear market) Opportunities Threats International growth Nike’s market share and purchasing (Latin America and Asia) power New product development Global economic downturn (Fragrance, equipment) New websites (Adidas global hub video website)


COMPANY BACKGROUND When it was created Company hardships Adidas as a company Current Standings


FUTURE MARKETING RECCOMENDATIONS & EXPLORATION Use Brazilian and French athletes to endorse products Lower cost casual sports attire Increase sponsorship dollars Venture into new markets

Brazil Economic and Financial Analysis : 

Brazil Economic and Financial Analysis Brazil has the largest economy in South America. Major industries include mining, farming and the largest industry which is the service sector. Brazil’s currency is the Real (pictured to the right) it was originally weighted to compete with the US dollar head to head, but the exchange rate is now 1.8644 reals to one US dollar. Brazil exports a number of agricultural products like soy beans and coffee, as well as, automotive parts and transportation equipment. The national GDP of Brazil is $1.99 trillion which was a $10 billion increase from the previous year or a real growth rate of 5.2% Per Capita GDP is estimated at $10,100

France Economics and Finance : 

France Economics and Finance Have sixth largest economy in the world Employment rates decreased by 8% Own stock in transportation, banking, and distribution Four bills passed Banks vs financial institutions

Political Environment : 

Political Environment Brazil France -26 states -Extremely diverse Congress -81 senators and 513 deputies -President Lula de Silva 2nd term -Negative Attention -At first, the president served a 7-year term. -2002, term was reduced to 5- year term -Decentralized government -National Assembly is known as the legislative body -President Sarkozy

Successess & Failures : 

Successess & Failures Brazil France Increased sales for Reebok Failed to penetrate market had oppurtunity to increase profits Bernard Tapie Shorted lived under leadership Robert Louis-Dreyfus France has the leading market of sports wear in Europe

Marketing Recommendations : 

Marketing Recommendations Famous athletes in France and Brazil Casual sports apparel market

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